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1. Lincoln has switched to shirts he doesn't have to button. A wise choice.

2. It really bugged me that Sara and Lincoln kept asking how on earth anyone could have faked Michael's death, why would they, how would it be possible, blah blah. They spent 4 seasons fighting against a seemingly unbeatable enemy called the Company. They had the motive/power/ability/etc to do it, and it was like our protagonists forgot they existed.

3. Look, I like T-Bag, but he's run his course. There's nothing left to say with him and he should be rotting in jail. And I'm not just saying that because Alex isn't in the show. T-Bag was done after season 2. Maybe 3.

4. I was thrown by Lincoln digging up Michael's body. I thought Lincoln and Sara fled the country after they broke her out of prison (which... how is she back in the country? I hope, but doubt, they'll explain). So... how did they get his body? I figured they erected a headstone wherever they were without a body, but this indicates that somehow two fugitives (or one fugitive and a person of interest) were able to get a dead body out of police custody to bury in New York?

There are little things that they are glossing over that don't make sense, but overall, it's a good start and I'm looking forward to more.

Date: 2017-04-06 10:52 am (UTC)
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Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the show so far. :)

I only really watched the first couple seasons of Prison Break, but am now thinking of catching up with the rest if the latest offering continues to receive positive reviews.


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