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I'm not sure if this is season 5 or season 1. IMBD has it as season 1 and Previously TV says season 5, so... I don't know.

Kaniel Outis )
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Yay, squee and all that, but T-Bag better be 1000% necessary and awesome, because the fact that he was brought back and not Mahone chaps my hide.
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My God, costuming just gave up during season 4, didn't they? One episode, Gretchen has red nails, the next, which takes place five minutes later, she's got nude nails. T-Bag has a pedophile mustache one minute, the next (again, five minutes later), he's got a full goatee.

I'm past the first arc of the season, where Scofield's 11 hunted down the cards for Scylla. It was pretty good. Not as good as season 1, but tightly written with good tension and character interplay. Now I'm on the second half, where you find out that Mama Scofield is alive and Lincoln starts working for the company (I can never decide if it's the company or the Company) and I just... eh. I hate everything about the decision to make Mama Scofield alive and working for the company. Everything.

No, seriously, I can't think of one thing I like.

So, my rankings for my favorite seasons go: Season 1, Season 3, Season 2, part 1 of Season 4, Season 5, part 2 of Season 4. (Well, probably not; William Fichtner is in part 2 of Season 4 and I don't think he'll be in the new season, so it automatically loses, right?) Oh! I know. I rank Breakout Kings over part 2 of season 4.

Anyway, I put season 3 above season 2 because, since it was shorter, they didn't have as much time to do weird things. Like have Alex completely forget that he ruined his life by killing Shales and deciding it was all Michael's fault. Or everything with T-Bag. Yeah, they killed Sara and did stupid things, but it was quick and really watchable and leaves a lot of room for fic. Really, it just barely beats out season 2. Like by a hair.

Any time Alex and Michael are not on screen together, this show is just boring. I wonder if Breakout Kings is on Netflix.

Season 4

Mar. 21st, 2016 06:36 pm
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1. Just about ever Michael/Alex picture I have on my computer (save the ones from Sona) are from this season. Three episodes in and they spend a good deal of their time together inches apart.

Mahone Hat Count:

Scylla: black chauffeur hat, ugly bucket had
Breaking and Entering: black bucket hat

I'm just keeping count because I know he wears at least two other hats and maybe I've forgotten more.

I'm not as enthusiastic about this season. Like, on rewatching Season 3, I still really enjoyed it for all it's stupidity. I didn't even mind Gretchen as much as the first time. But, as much as I know there's good Michael/Alex stuff in season 4 (and Michael/Sara/Alex), I remember all the stupid stuff (Michael's mother is alive! Lincoln was adopted! Brain cancer! Self turns bad or something! FuckingAssassin [whose name escapes me]) and I'm just like... eh.

Still holding my breath about Fichtner and the next season of PB. I'm thinking I may be holding it forever.
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So, Robbert Knepper, Amaury Nolasco, and Rockmond Dunbar are all signed up for the new Prison Break, along with Wentworth, Purcell, and Callies.

I will now hold my breath until William Fichtner comes back.

That is all

3x08 Bang and Burn )
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I'm not done with season 2 yet (just finished 2x18: Wash), but I have Some thoughts )
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Michael Scofield on the run: "I may be on the run, but that's no reason not to dress my best."

Lincoln Burrows on the run: "NO BUTTONS!!!!!"

I forgot how hard my heart broke when Kellerman met with Mahone to remind him he was "hired to do a job." I just so wanted one person on the show not to be involved with the Company somehow.
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I think Lincoln's biggest problem in prison was that he couldn't wear his shirt half open all the time. His chesticles ached for freedom.

Also, Dominic Purcell does nothing for me. But slap a stubbly beard on him, he goes from "ug" to "eh, okay."

I've revised my opinion. The Company contacted Alex between "Manhunt" (2x01) and "Otis" (2x02). That was why the birdbath was introduced in the second episode. However, I don't think Alex took them seriously, which is why the file of Shales shows up in "Scan" (2x02). I think, though, he didn't think it was going to be an issue because he was going to catch them. But, for some reason, Michael faking his death really threw Alex, probably because he was supposed to deliver a body or something.

/no1Curr Sera.
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So, C-Note was in on the plan for less than one day and all he does is complain. About everything. Like, Jesus, if you don't like the escape plan, WHY DID YOU TRY SO HARD TO GET IN ON IT? When I want to punch someone more than T-Bag, there's a problem. (Tweener doesn't count; that kid was born to be punched hard).

Also, as much as I was a huge Sara/Michael shipper the first season, I find myself infinitely less interested in them knowing Mahone is coming in season 2.

This has been your Leap Day random.
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The worst part about the whole "Oh, Linc and Michael aren't really biological brothers, ha ha!" reveal in season 4 of Prison Break means that we were denied this:

luscious head of hair for 3 1/2 seasons so Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell would look more alike, and it wasn't even necessary.


You know

Oct. 23rd, 2011 12:22 pm
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I hate to assign blame to any one person for ultimate actions, but in Prison Break, Veronica is, at least, heavily responsible for Michael's actions. She grew up with him, for God's sake. She had to have known that telling him that Lincoln screwed his life over so Michael could go to college would fuck Michael up. She didn't have to be quite as accusingly snotty when she told Michael because, hey, she didn't exactly think Lincoln was a prize at that point. But, instead of sitting down and breaking the news gently, she does it like a bitch. And then broke Michael.

So, T-Bag getting out and killing everyone isn't Michael's fault. It's Veronica's. :)
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This is my face right now: \_/

That's my skeptical face. This looks kind of stupid. T-Bag is on it, though, and he doesn't look like he's one of the team, which is good, because putting him in minimum security is like putting him on the playground during kinder recess.

Still. I watch it. At least for awhile.


Dec. 7th, 2010 08:13 pm
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why would one need to break out of a Jamba Juice? Is that really any kind of comparison to breaking out of prison? Wouldn't it have made more sense for him to have said hospital or nursing home or... or... a locked down bank or something?

Also, if breaking through the wall in the cell was only the beginning, and breaking out was only the beginning, what is the true beginning? Wouldn't it have been Lincoln getting thrown in jail?


Lincoln just told Sara that his mother had liver cancer. Wow. Liver cancer and a brain so powerful and smart, it just disinigrated and fell out her nose until the Company stopped it. No wonder she turned evil. I'm about to take over the world after a week of back pain.

Yes. I've decided being sick or hurt makes you evil.


Jul. 18th, 2010 08:27 pm
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Do you wanna know how I know that Mahone didn't get contacted by the Company until after... I'll go with Scan? Because when he drops a bunch of files, Oscar Shales's file is in it and he stops and looks surprised (and upset) that it's there. And why would it be in with the Fox River 8 files, anyway?

Also, this is the episode Lang shows up. I bet you anything she was originally going to be Company before they decided to go for another season and wanted to keep her because she and Fitchner had such great chemistry.

WHAT? Don't act like no one else cares anymore! I know y'all do.

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I just have to say that Alex's manipulation of Abruzzi in First Down is just... beautiful.

The fact that one-armed T-Bag takes down a man with a weapon? Not so much.

As, S2 Prison Break. So brilliance. Such stupidity. I loved you so.

For old time's sake, my summary of First Down from forever ago:

2x04 First Down Abruzzi is fucking hot when he's not all greasy. Mahone tries to not kill him, but Abruzzi is also stupid. Nika grosses everyone out by lapdancing on Bellick. Mahone freaks when anyone tries to suggest Michael is dead. He would know if his One True Love kicked it. Lincoln 0 Buttons 4.


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