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Prison Break ep 2

I'm not sure if this is season 5 or season 1. IMBD has it as season 1 and Previously TV says season 5, so... I don't know.

I find Michael's new alias distracting because every time someone says "Outis" it flashes me back to the episode "Otis" in season 2, which was important because that's when Michael and Alex first saw each other face to face. And then I remember that Mahone isn't in this season and I get sad.

I found this episode really stressful. I don't like Michael potentially being bad and doing bad things. I'm sure he'll end up being good somehow (I hope), but right now it's just stressful. Plus, the setting is just stressful in and of itself.

There was too much T-Bag in this episode. (No, I kid; there was just enough).

Where is Lincoln getting all this cash? Last episode, he was being chased down because he owed money to someone, and now he's just making it rain all over the place.

I"m unsure exactly how many people Michael is breaking out. We've got Whip, the Korean drug addict, the gay guy with the father, the Really Bad News guy, and maybe one or two more. And I'm not sure if Michael and Whip have been breaking out of prisons all over the place or what. Because someone that Whip said made it sound like the two of them have broken out together before (something about it being easier when it was just the two of them). So, again, we've got Michael and half the prison break out in a highly complicated scheme. In other words, Prison Break.

I'm on the fence about Sara's husband. Like, at this point, the only reason I think he's bad new is because everyone online is saying he's bad news.

Kellerman seems to have picked up a few quirks from his sister (re not liking Sara drinking out of a water bottle.) He also has forgotten about the Company and seems to think the only person smart enough to erase Michael from history is Michael, rather than a hugely powerful corporation with its fingers in multiple pots. I mean, I vaguely remember that the last episode had someone to do with them taking action against the Company, but, come on. It seemed to be alive and kicking a little bit in "The Final Break", so....

Whatever show. Whatever. I still love you.

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