Sep. 14th, 2017

It begins

Sep. 14th, 2017 06:00 pm
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Today, one of my students punched another second grader in the stomach. Why? She dared to touch his shoulder. *sigh* So, now my class doesn't get an honor ribbon this week because he got a referral. At least it's not like two years ago, when we almost never got honor ribbons because a student was averaging a referral a day for awhile. This was one incident. We'll all get over it.

Oh, and then I sent the kid to the wrong buddy room at recess. The teacher who was supposed to get him came by after school and was like, "You kid never showed up," and I realized that I sent him to the wrong room like a dummy.

I went to the post office to complain about my mail today and then, when I got home, my mailbox was empty and one of my bills was on top of the box. So I'm glad I put in that complaint. Let's see if it works.

I can't seem to stop spending money this month. There's always another something I want either for me or for my classroom. I'm trying to restrain myself, because I've been spending a lot, but I want a teacher toolbox and I need another three drawer Sterilite organizer, and then I need the labels for both of them, of course. And I still need more scrapbooking cases to put games and stuff in so I can clear out some of those big boxes from my room. But I'm only buying those if they're still $3 each, because the regular price is not worth it.

In other news, I introduced a math game to the students today. It was reviewing 3-digit place value. I'm glad I did it, because I had a lot of kids who couldn't do it without their white boards, when they should have been able to look at the pictures and figure it out. But my real low- lows started catching on so I think it was really helpful. It's just a pain in the butt to get all the pieces handed out. I wanted something that they could grab and do when they're done with their math, but I'm afraid it might not be feasible. Too bad; it's a good game. The best part, it could be done in pairs or independently.

One more day until sleep day. I can do this.


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