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Got feedback on my Bruce Wayne/Jonathan Crane fic The Accidental Drag Queen and the Undercover Detective (which I haven't updated in... a long time, because I suck):

When I first started reading this I was morbidly curious. I honestly expected
it to be a train wreck, and was quite surprised, pleasantly, that it wasn't. I
do hope at some point that it's continued.

It's good feedback. Flattering, I guess. I understand where the feedbacker is coming from. But...

Dude, I am a good writer. And I know fandom is huge and not everyone knows everyone anymore, but it's kind of galling that I have no kind of reputation or... whatever as a good writer that, when something seems like badfic (and is titled like badfic), a reader can't, idk, look somewhere and go, "Oh, well, Serafina is generally well regarded, so it'll probably be okay."

Of course, if I have any kind of reputation at all, I tend to think it's as a not-so-great fic writer (which isn't true; my good fics are good and my "bad" fics are okay. My early fics... aren't so accessible anymore, so they shouldn't count).

And, on a side note, I continue to hate, hate, hate the trend where a writer puts author's notes at the end of every. single. chapter to explain where they got a theory or why they wrote such and such or what something means. I don't want the author involved in the fic I'm reading at all. If I did, I'd follow their blog.


Aug. 26th, 2012 11:03 am
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A couple years ago (when I first saw Deadwood), I started writing a het, Old West romance. The main characters name is Aurora Starr, because I figured if I was writing a romance story, I might as well go for it, right?

I unearthed it last night. I never got past the beginning, although I plotted out in my head all the way through the end.

You know what? I still really like it. I think, after I finish retyping Dark Goddess, I might actually give this one a serious try.
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You know when you've written too much fic when you remember a scene you wrote (Michael and Alex have sex and Michael's so worked up and in his mind, he can't come) and the fandom (Prison Break, natch) but not the fic (Cellie? Or Sona? Or Inevitable? Or, very possibly, What Might Have Been?) and then you start to doubt the fandom/fic (was it Michael or Lex? or....)

Also, apropos of nothing, Julianna (from Breakout Kings) rocks like a goddess. And I cannot wait for the season premier.

Le sigh

Feb. 3rd, 2012 09:27 pm
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I'm in a writing dry spell and I don't like it.

Also, this week and fuck itself and the pony it rode in on.


Jul. 7th, 2010 03:50 pm
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In addition to all the other stories I want to write, I want to do a prequel or something to the Music Man where Winthrop was really Marianne's son, out of wedlock, and the Perue's moved to River City after he was born to start over without the scandal. But, of course, she managed to cause scandal anyway by her relationship with Miser Madison (whatever it was).

Um, yeah

Feb. 11th, 2008 12:23 pm
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So, 11/11/05, this was my WIP list:


Fine/Lex as professors who bet who can seduce Clark first.
The Robin Hood bunny (with Lex as Maid Marian)
The Shakespear in Love/Stage Beauty bunny where Clark falls in love with skirt!actor Lex


Continuing the Jack/James with Gavin story

Finishing/continuing the Jack/Boone series

The Passenger

Pitch Black
Twin Flames

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
A Chocolate Factory for Veruca (Or, How Veruca Finally got her Orgasm)

Harry Potter
My mary sue story

A fic where Dean learns the joys of bottoming

Now, it's this This is pathetic )


May. 27th, 2007 11:10 am
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Bad dreams this morning. I dreamed that I saw the 'real' end of the Gilmore Girls. In this ending, Luke moved to Colorado (to be with his son [!?!?!] who was being raised by Rachel on a farm with horses and stuff). Meanwhile, Stars Hollow began to die. People were moving away, no one was moving in. Tourism stopped. All very bad things. Rory just sort of quit life and stayed at home, doing odd jobs for money and such. Loreli kept trying to hold everything together, but couldn't manage. Sookie and Jackson eventually moved away, taking their six kids (some of who were black, which was strange). Even Taylor left. But the girls stayed.

Then, someone called Luke to tell him what was going on. He came back to see, and found his girls dying with the town. The dream got muddle after that. I think Loreli decided it was time to move. Rory didn't want to go, but finally Luke convinced her. However, Luke and Loreli weren't talking, so Loreli didn't know he was going to follow and...

It was strange. And I just thought how sad it was that the writers decided to show this girl who had fought through so much and accomplished so much in school, simply didn't try to do *anything* in the real world. At one point, she confessed that she was eating a chicken sandwich every day because it was the only thing she could afford.

I dreamed a bit of the road trip, but that was basically Dean (from GG, not SPN) and a bunch of others on the road, trying to go somewhere, but being constantly redirected by vampires. And me doing someone's hair to show she was a queen. And Johnny Depp as Dracula, who now made his living sleeping with women for money and calling it 'therapy'. Or people; I can't imagine not tryign to put in the boysex in my dreams.

All very weird.

I think, when I have time, I'm going to continue to work on the Jack/James/Gavin baby-fic verse. I may bring Lord Cutler Beckett in because A) I love that little toad and B) I've got this lovely theme of society vs nice people going (what with the townspeople gossiping about James and Mariah at Gavin's christening) and Beckett would be fun to throw into that.

Because, you know, what with 3 PB fics, 3 SV fics, and 1 original novel, plus RL and job hunting, I'm swimming in spare time.
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I read somewhere (and I don't remember where), that you shouldn't use contractions in prose when you're not writing dialogue. Does anyone know if this is true or not?
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The kitty threw up this morning. I was just able to get something under her so most of it landed on paper and not the carpet. Now I don't know where she is. Poor baby.

[ profile] laurab1 has made me a cover for Lex Luthor, Ace Reporter . It's goregous. Clark looks like a dork, Lois is beautiful, and Lex is even more beautiful. Go admire and fawn over it.

I really need to get working on LLAR2. And my novel. And finish revising COTW 51 to send to beta.

Seriously, people, I'd make a fantastic slave. All you'd have to do is give me tme to write in exchange for room, board, and a personal slave ready to fulfill your whims.

I haven't been able to breathe easily in three days now. It's getting annoying.

I also lost the key to my bike lock and my bike is locked in my backyard. Sucks.

Everyone have a good Sunday!

Plot Bunny

Dec. 2nd, 2005 10:03 pm
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But not for fanfic. Well, I guess, technically, it could be.

Anyway, I'd want it to be a play. All the sidekicks or characters from Shakespeares plays who have that deep, homoerotic subtext with one another meet on some kind of altenative plane, like the carnival at the beginning of Assassins. They'd commiserate about how the men they loved never seemed to notice them. The crown jewel, of course, would be Iago, who'd insist that he didn't love Othello, that he hated Othello, that, for Christ's sake, he fucking ruined Othello, doesn't anyone pay attention? The other charcters would work on him to get him to understand the reasons behind his actions until, at the end, he finally came to terms with his feelings. Or something. I don't know how the play would end.

Anyway, I'm not sure who all is in the play. Horatio (Hamlet), of course, Iago, Benvolio, maybe Olivia (Twelfth Night). I can't remember that guy's name from Twelfth Night,though; the one in love with Viola's brother. He definitely has to be in it. Maybe Don John, although I really only want one villian (although, I suppose he'd be interesting in the idea that he's driven by an incestuous love and self-contempt for that love for his brother).

Anyway, I can't think of any other characters. Who else qualifies?
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Don't you hate it when you're writing and wake up to realize that everything you wrote the night before has to be scrapped? I was writing my Firefly fic last night and it's just not quite right. I feel like I'm rushing this scene, but am not quite sure what to do or where to go.


I should just stick to Dark Goddess. BTW, if you're reading that, I'd really, really appreciate your thoughts on it. I have aspirations for publiation and can't make the same kind of mistakes I do in fanfiction. So, please, tell me honestly what's good or bad or needs work on it.

*puppy dog eyes*

My cat is flirting with me. She's so cute.
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Somone over at the Pit of Bitter Morons (aka TWOP--and yes, I post there still sometimes) said this about last night's episode:

I can see why the relative newbies liked this episode - it's House! As a longer time viewer, though, I thought it was just OK.

I've been watching at *least* since Occam's Razor. I also watched the special pilot that came in Entertainment which has a scene that seems to have disappeared into the ether. I loved last night's episode. Does that make me a newbie or a moron?

Neither. It makes me a different person with different taste, stupid wench (or wonch [male wench]).

Also Stacy )

Oh! That could be a meme! We all have different strengths in fanfiction, be it exposition, narration, dialogue, plot, characterization, atomosphere, etc. If you read or have read my fics, what do you think my strengths are? Repost if you're interested in seeing what people think yours are.


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