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That's a tough one. I'd have to say April 25th. Because it's not too hot, not too cold, all you need is a light jacket.
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The Avengers.
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Baseball bat and machete. Blunt force trauma, then something to sever the spinal cord. At the very least, a baseball bat.
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I love how silly my family gets after lighting the candles. The past few years, we've had to do Hanukkah on the phone, with me in my apartment and them at my parents. We get through the initial prayer, light the candles, and then sing our hearts out. Each in our own key. And our own remembrance of the words (everyone but my mom had to learn the words by listening to my mom). It's a lot of fun.
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Do I get a do-over, or am I now dead? And why am I dreaming myself so miserable? And what about my dreams? Are they dreams within a dream? Also, why am I fucked up if this isn't real?
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Persephone. Because she's Queen of the Underworld. And awesome. And married to Hades.
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Brycee: World Domination.

Cobbler: rentboy
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Cockroach? No. It's an insect. I'm not Sylar.


PS I had a nightmare about frogs last night. And Cobbler turning into a cat-killing machine. He was killing the frogs, but he was also trying to kill me. And Denzel Washington.
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Oh, no. Never.

*rolls eyes*

I think I'd like to not remember my dreams most night. Or at least, not have dreams that take so much goddamn work.

Last night's dream had me turning my parents' garage into an apartment for myself. It was looking awesome, but very cluttered. My aunt dropped by (she did this in RL to my mom the other day, resulting in a panicked call from Mom) and proceeded to JUDGE me. I was also dog sitting for my cousin and she came to get her dogs.

While my entire extended family was descending on me, Eric Johnson and someone I think was supposed to be Kristen Kruek came by, too. I think it was implied we'd gone to high school together. I was talking about how Prison Break pissed everyone off by killing Martha Kent (I... don't know), but everyone thought Eric had done a good job (again, I don't know). Then, I remembered he'd been on Supernatural. I grabbed Eric by the arm (he was trying to leave; I don't blame him, as it was a madhouse and people were discovering the fourteen million birthday cakes stashed around the garage. THIS WAS A WEIRD DREAM, OKAY?) and started gushing about how good he was on SPN and how amazing I thought he was and all that. He stopped pulling away to talk to me, but then I noticed a friend from a long time ago who'd stopped by and ran over to talk to her. And show her a cake that belonged on Cake Wrecks.

At least it wasn't a dream about me being back in high school. I've been having a lot of those lately.

But, no, I don't remember my dreams. :)
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If I had ten minutes to get out, I'd probably have enough time to get both cats into a box, pack my computer, grab a change of clothes and some spare underwear, put it all in the car, come back and drag the arsonist outside. I mean, this is seriously the slowest moving fire ever, right? And what's the arsonist still doing in there anyway?
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Well, Cobbler would invite EVERYONE HE HAS EVER MET, which is actually a lot of people since everyone around here seems to know him and *love* him. However, he'd forget to prepare anything to eat because he'd be SO EXCITED and would probably end up biting everyone.

Brycee would invite all world leaders, prepare something poison with a side of poison and then take over the world.

Also, this topic is kind of silly.
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Um, well. I cut my hair.


I moved 300+ miles away from home to a place I always wanted to live (well, nearish) and got a job that I actually kept long enough to get tenure.

And it sucked.

No, wrong again. It was great. Mostly.

Also: Why is there not more Guerror/Winston fic? Or, you know, any? Dude.
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I'm more interested in the fact that you assume I'm interested at all. (Not that I'm totally disinterested, but I hate loaded questions.
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Wake me up when September ends.

(In other words, no).

TGIF... tomorrow.
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I, uh...

No. It's no good. It was a long time ago. Don't remember anymore.
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It's been 7 days since I've written anything. :(

I start feeling icky-sick when that happens. But my brain iz broke. It hasn't anything in it. :( :( :( :(


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