May. 30th, 2016 04:20 pm
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I'm doing a Firefly rewatch. Apparently, this cycle through, I don't find Inara annoying. It's weird, because the first time I watched it, I loved her. The second time, i really didn't love her. This time, I'm fine with her. I just wish she enunciated better sometimes, because it bugs.

I still don't really ship her with Mal like the show wants me to. I like them when they're getting along, but I'm not into their romance. I want Inara alone or with Kaylee. And Mal with Simon.

I'm also rereading my self-insert fic. I still don't get how I created her to be with Simon and she ends up with Mal. And I don't see any other way to write that stupid fic. Why do I fail as a writer so? (Although, I like who I got Simon together with, so it worked out. Except as fantasy material).

I'm tired of having headaches. Really tired. And I pulled a muscle in my back sleeping last night.
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I'm watching Pitch Black for the zillionth time. Hopefully, it won't wake any Twin Flames bunnies, because I'm getting eaten alive by bunnies right now.

What I have:


Fine/Lex as professors who bet who can seduce Clark first.
The Robin Hood bunny (with Lex as Maid Marian)
The Shakespear in Love/Stage Beauty bunny where Clark falls in love with skirt!actor Lex


Continuing the Jack/James with Gavin story

Finishing/continuing the Jack/Boone series

The Passenger

Pitch Black
Twin Flames

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
A Chocolate Factory for Veruca (Or, How Veruca Finally got her Orgasm)

Harry Potter
My mary sue story

A fic where Dean learns the joys of bottoming

Plus, my original novel, which I need to keep reasearching and try to finish so I can, someday, publish it.

Do you think I have enough on my plate? Dear Lord.

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Okay. So, apparently, my Firely fic is going to be two books. Because, as you all know, 150 pages isn't enough for Serafina to tell a story.

Stupid brain.

Chapter 16 )

I also think Tina Fey is totally hot.
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Take my love
Take my land
Take me where I cannot stand
I don't care, I'm still free
Since I found Serenity

Swear to God, we're having a sing-a-long in class today, dammit. Those kids owe me for making me work and not getting to go to the movies all day.


ETA Oh, and today is the day where I, once again, get offically jossed. Or recieve more evidence that he and I share the same brain (or at least a physic link). *sigh* It's good to be home. :P

Better jossed by Joss than stolen from my idiot monkeys who take my ideas and fuck them up, right?
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I'm in sort of a lull in COTW; I need to wait a bit to get to Prodigal, even though, canonically, it happens right after Rush. However, it didn't work for me in the show,and it doesn't work for me in COTW, either. I want some happy time for the boys. Sadly, with school starting and all, it's not that I"m not in a happy place, I'm just tired. And, strangely, it seems Firefly is coming out now. Okay, whatever.

But I *Will* work on COTW. And the polished part 50 should hopefully be coming out this week. :)

Wow. 50 fics. I should do some kind of celebration or something for it. What, though?

The Passenger part 12 )
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The Browncoats are having a contest... or something where you can write a song for one of the characters, like Jayne has in Jaynestown. Mine is about Mal and, well. It's not exactly an original, but I'm more Weird Al than Jewel.

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