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Cat - 3, Mom and Pills - 1

I tried egg yolk this time. She won't eat it. I ended up pilling her this morning, so that's what I guess I'll have to do. I hate that idea. Also, she keeps hiding under the couch.

Also, I find it very distracting when Breakout Kings reuses an actor from Prison Break. Especially Maricruz (aka Sucre's girlfriend).
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You know when you've written too much fic when you remember a scene you wrote (Michael and Alex have sex and Michael's so worked up and in his mind, he can't come) and the fandom (Prison Break, natch) but not the fic (Cellie? Or Sona? Or Inevitable? Or, very possibly, What Might Have Been?) and then you start to doubt the fandom/fic (was it Michael or Lex? or....)

Also, apropos of nothing, Julianna (from Breakout Kings) rocks like a goddess. And I cannot wait for the season premier.
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Breakout Kings is on right now. Sadly, it's an episode I've already seen (sadly because I missed the last few episodes. Also, the kid with yellow eyes from "Christmas Story" is in this one, and every time I see him, all I can think is, "He had YELLOW EYES!")

Whenever I see BK, all I want to do is write a "Cellie" crossover where Nicky Esposito breaks out of prison to go after his brother, and Ricky develops a crush on Lloyd. So, you know. I want to write a Breakout Kings fic with OCs I developed for Prison Break. With brief cameos by Alex and Michael.

This will be done, of course, in my copious spare time.
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Breakout Kings. Totally not cool hiring an actor who played a main character in PB season 1 (Nick Savrin) for your show. Because I missed all of his line because my brain was too busy going, "THAT'S NICK HE'S DEAD THAT'S NICK HE'S DEAD THAT'S NICK!!!!"

So... Otherwise, I liked it.
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Breakout Kings on Sunday.

I'm excited. I actually squeed.

Okay, bedtime.
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This is my face right now: \_/

That's my skeptical face. This looks kind of stupid. T-Bag is on it, though, and he doesn't look like he's one of the team, which is good, because putting him in minimum security is like putting him on the playground during kinder recess.

Still. I watch it. At least for awhile.


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