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But, a wild plot bunny appeared earlier and I got to wondering:

Are there any SPN fics where Mary lives, John lives, both kids live... but Mary's drawn back into hunting because of things and everyone ends up become hunters anyway? Only, more well adjusted, because Mary won't let them grow up moving place to place, etc?

Because, I don't have this image of the Winchesters on vacation or something, and there's this ghost (or something) and people being hurt, and Mary just can't let it go on, so she slips out to deal with it. And John realizes she's gone and goes after her and walks in on Mary being completely badass and falls in love all over again (and there is sex) and then they both becomes hunters to help people. And then the boys grow up and find out and...


So, has that been written?

Also, I really don't like that most of the Sherlock BDSM fics I've found has Sherlock as the dom. Because... no.
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A fic about how movie!Irene and Sherlock first began working together. It won't take place after "A Scandal in Bohemia" and would not be about Irene being forced to go to Sherlock for help after Godfrey proves to be an abusive drunk... first turning against his lover, Charlie, then Irene when she tries to intervene. It wouldn't have anything to do with Godfrey ke
helping something of Charlie's that he wants back but needs help. It also wouldn't start with Irene and Charlie breaking into 221B in the middle of the night, both bruised and bleeding, after a flight across England from Scotland. And, of course, Irene wouldn't not be telling the whole truth and having Sherlock, unwittingly, help her steal something from Godfrey that cemented his ruin.

And, of course, there would be no increasing UST between Sherlock and Irene, with her getting increasingly frustrated as she won't sex her up until Watson has to, somehow, put forth the idea that it's not her, it's sex, and Sherlock obviously is more into her than any other woman, so, welcome to life loving Sherlock.

See? I can do that "story I haven't written" meme without any prompting. :)
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Only I'm not sure what kink meme they go into:

1. Natasha (Black Widow) gets herself off thinking about the rest of the Avengers fucking each other. Bonus for her directing the action. Double bonus for her deciding to make it happen (this is equal parts her arousal and description of the action).

2. Darcy (Thor) is a baby dyke with a huge crush on Natasha. Natasha has no problem showing her the ropes (in bed.... literally or figuratively).


Also, in Prison Break fandom, Mahone is the Sheriff of Nottingham, Michael is Robin Hood, and Lincoln is Little John. Sara is, I guess, Maid Marian, but it's totally a Mahone/Michael romance.
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Neal Caffrey is Michael Scofield's cellmate instead of Sucre. They break out and are pursued by Peter Burke and Alex Mahone. The problem is, the escapees fall for their pursuers and vice versa. WHAT WILL HAPPPEN? (sex)

Self indulgent crack anyone?


Mar. 16th, 2011 06:00 pm
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Um... does anyone know if there are any John Winchester/the Comedian fics set during Vietnam? 'cause... well, my only excuse is I'm listening to Miss Saigon again and for some reason, it makes me think of Supernatural (and the Comedian/Watchmen, but I get that).

Also, I really want someone to write my Miss Saigon inspired Dean/Castiel fic (where Dean=Chris, only not a total asshole, Castiel=Kim, Sam=... Chris's friend, Uriel=Thuy... I guess Gabriel would be the Engineer or something and... yeah. Only, there'd be a happy ending because I don't do sadness.)

I'm tired.


Jan. 16th, 2011 07:46 pm
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So, did anyone ever rewrite the ST:NG episode The Perfect Mate where the metamorph was male instead of female and still bonds with Picard?

And why do I want a SPN version of this, where Cas is, like, a rare angelic metamorph and being sent to...someone as a peace offering, and Dean either has to take him or finds him when someone goes wrong and they pair-bond?


Someone write that fic, pls.
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Ever since I had that dream about being Shawn Spencer's sister (in Psych), I really want to write a story about it. I know it'd come off as a Mary Sue, and I don't even know how to do it without it being totally... "Shawn's got a sister, tee hee!" but... if I could think of a plot, I'd want to do it.

Except, I have too many fics to write right now, so...

Fic bunny

Oct. 14th, 2006 07:26 pm
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For sale:

HIstorical AU in which Lex and Lana are engaged, but have never met. Clark is a friend of Lana, very close. As the wedding day draw nearers, Lana been instructed by Nell to write Lex a letter, thinking they need to become aquantied before the wedding day. Lana, who is in love with another (Whitney or whatever), is too nervous and upset to think of a letter. So she gets Clark to write it. Lex, of course, is enchanted by the letter. He writes back, Clark writes back and, through their letters, they fall in love.

Of course, mistaken identies, etc. happen when Lex and Lana finally meet. He finds himself drawn to the handsome stranger and, eventually, they all come cleaned and everyone lives happily ever after.

Anyone want it?
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My time is zero. The bunnies though keep multiplying.

Lex is a concert pianist whose fame is growing. Clark does the music column (or whatever it'd be; the reviews for shows) for the Daily Planet. They're both gay so you do the math on how it should end up. :)

Oh, and a good night's sleep (well, sorta; I had weird ass dreams, but whatelse is new?) and I've solved last night's deliemma about the novel. Instead of Gabriel not realizing that Virgin mary was meant in the literal sense (because, dude, you've been around this religion for over 1500 years; get a clue), he asks his teacher *why* it's important that Mary be a literal virgin. I think that, knowing the truth this could have eaten at him for years, but he was never allowed to ask because Kali knew what would happen to him if he did and forbid him to. But now that he has his very own priest, he takes advantage, thus giving me (the author) a way to tell that part of the story without it being totally paested on yay.

I hope. But maybe it's all paested on and I'm just another Anne Rice. Only I'll use an editor.

And how sad is it that I want to read her Jesus novel because I figure she did her research and I can just crib off her? *is pathetic*
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Smallville Hamlet?

I can't decide if Lex or Clark should be Hamlet. I think that Lex would make a wonderful Hamlet, but, then, I can totally see Lionel killing Jonathan and marrying Martha (or forcing Martha to marry him). So I guess, if you want to be more faithful to the play, Clark could be Hamlet.

But I like Lex as Hamlet. And the self-loathing/madness could stem from Lex being in love/lust with his new brother maybe. Chloe could be Horatio, just becaues I like the idea of Chloe and Lex being friends (even though I'm well aware they aren't). Although, Jason would be a good Horatio, too. Lucas would be Laretes. Dominic could be Polonius. Lionel would be Claudius, of course. Jonathan would be the ghost (I do realize that it's Hamlet's father who is killed, but I like my way better; besides, it'd be cool for Jonathan to haunt Lex and Lex being unsure if the man who hated in him life was telling him the truth [all the while being pretty sure he was] or just trying to further lead Lex into Hell]). Actually, I'm going to say that Lana should be Horatio, since they are friends (sometimes) and do have good chemistry (if the scene isn't dumb). And that frees up Chloe and Pete to be Guildenstern and Rosencrantz. And, um... Victoria or Helen could be Fortinbras (although, Bruce Wayne would make more sense, I guess). And... well, that's all I can think of.

Does anyone want to write this?

And, if anyone missed it, COTW 51, Part 14

Kill me

Oct. 29th, 2005 10:43 am
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I just slept about 12 hours and I feel like shit. My body tried to get me up earlier, but I had a headache and wouldnt' be woken. I really wish I'd just gotten up and taken something.

Anyway, I've had this plot bunny floating around in my head since Thursday. I dont' want to write it. I want someone else to write it, savvy?

Okay, it's AU where both Fine and Lex are professors at the same university. THey're friends and bad, bad men (not really). Every year, they choose a freshman who is in both of their classes to seduce. Whoever gets him (or her, if you want) first, wins... something. Of course, this particular year, they choose the prettiest new freshman, Clark Kent. Only problem? Lex falls in love with him. Typical romantic comedy angst should apply when Clark finds out about the bet, but happily ever after because, dude, the show breaks our heart as it is, righ?

For added fun, Fine and Lex can be sometimes lovers (maybe playmates would be a better word for people who fuck and are friends, but aren't buddy-fucking [as I understand the term] and love got nothing to do with it).

Let Clark be tempted by both. Virginity is an added bonus.

No, seriously I dont' want to write it. I've still got Firefly, COTW, LLAR2 and that Smallville/Robin Hood AU that I want to write eventually.


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