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FX showed Thor last night (which is super exciting, because that means it'll be on all the time so I can watch it again) and, while watching it, I remembered something that has always bugged me.

Look, the Warriors 3 and Sif were wrong. Full stop, do not pass go. They were wrong. Thor was banished to Midgard because of his actions. The fact that his actions were influenced by Loki's actions is besides the point. I don't think Loki intended for Thor to rush to Jotunheim and take on the entire planet himself. Did he try to stop Thor? No. Did his words influence Thor's decision? Yes. But, just as Loki is responsible for his actions in this movie and Avengers, so Thor is responsible for his actions. And we know that this was not a one time thing. Even Odin basically admits that he overlooked Thor's arrogance and impulsiveness before, but this was the last straw. He could not allow Thor to become king if that was what he was going to do, and then, in a fit of temper (because Odin is not perfect) exiles him.

The W3+ went to Odin to ask him to undo Odin's banishment. I honestly right now can't remember their reasoning; probably they suspected something was amiss. But, let's face it, Odin wasn't going to agree to their request. Loki being on the throne didn't change Thor's punishment. And he had a valid point: his first act as king couldn't be to undo Odin's last act. (This is tricky language; he could have been implying that, eventually, he'd allow Thor to come home. He could have been asking the W3+ for patience, which he didn't get. He could have implied it and never meant to bring Thor back, but, again, besides the point). Plus, let's face it: Loki was not going to be a popular king. He was the second son, he was weird, he was an outcast. The realm had been on the brink of having Thor as a king, and he was obviously popular. Even if Thor had actually died due to his actions and Loki gained the throne that was, his rule was not going to be easy. Not bringing back a more popular potential ruler was a good decision politically (for him). (Look how poorly allowing Hamlet to come back to Denmark worked for Claudius. Loki has probably read the play. And history.)

Then, the W3+ decided to sneak down to Asguard to bring Thor back. Why? What did they want to accomplish. A coup? I get Heimdall's motivation, even if I don't agree with it, but the W3+ basically boil down to, "We don't like Loki and we like Thor so Thor would be better." And that's just... bullshit. Plus, if they hadn't gone down. Loki wouldn't have sent the Destroyer (again, his decision, his action, but it was a direct result of them going down). And, yes, if they hadn't gone down gotten Thor, Jotunheim would have been destroyed, but that doesn't make their actions right. They didn't go get Thor to stop Loki from destroying another planet. They went down because they didn't like Loki and wanted Thor (who, at that point, would have been a bad king).

It's complicated and convoluted. And what bugs me is in the movie, there is never a nod or acknowledgement or anything that their actions were wrong. Thor learns his lesson. Loki... doesn't. Odin really doesn't. And the Warriors 3 and Sif are treated as if they didn't have to learn anything. That they were right. And that bugs me.
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Man, Loki is barely even in this movie. Sucks.

Before I start: I really screwed up on my note taking. I somehow got my book upside down and couldn't see where I'd already written, so, yeah. It's weird.

Also, there was a preview for the new Jack Ryan movie with Chris Pine as Harrison Ford. And Kiera Knightly is in the movie and I could have sworn she kept calling Chris Pine "Dad" (because I didn't know what the preview was for or his name) and I was so confused because, outside of the In Time world, how on earth is Chris Pine remotely old enough to be Kiera Knightley's father? (Good Lord, I'm older than Chris.. by a year, but even so.) (Also, he's not; he's only 5 years older than she). Anyway, I finally realized she was saying "Jack", so....

And: I've never seen RoboCop and have... well, had no interest in the new one. But Gary Oldman and Jackie Earle Haley? Sign me up.

Second Viewing )
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Or, how, in just a few hours, it will be safe to venture online again. :)

I usually don't go to IMAX for a first viewing, but I decided to say fuck it and go.

Hopefully, my headache will fade before then.
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I've seen the trailer and it looks to me )


Sep. 14th, 2011 04:37 pm
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Did anyone else's Thor DVD go from Thor and Jane on the roof to Jane being sad because Thor was gone? (Thus, cutting out half of Loki?) Cause, I don't want to have to stop and go through the menu/scene select every time I watch this.

Also... )
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When I buy "Thor" tomorrow, I'm going to get a post-it, write Loki on it, and shelve it under "L".


Or maybe I can make a new DVD cover to reflect my interest. Like with this image:

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I really don't like it when people characterize Loki as being weak. I mean, I'm all for fics where his powers are taken away after and he's weakened then, but to say he was weak before is just... inaccurate. Is he as physically strong as Thor? No. Can he hold his own in a fight? He seemed to do well against the Frost Giants (even against Thor). Also, he's got all those awesome magic stuff. He's not weak.

Got Deadline today. I'm very disappointed in the color of the book. It's a pretty aquamarine color, but it doesn't match Feed. This bothers me on a level I can't explain without sounding like a crazy person.


May. 20th, 2011 05:30 pm
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This is the movie Thor as told by me, who really doesn't care about Thor.

See my man pain )
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I'm very impressed with a lot of the Loki fics I've read. There's a lot of Loki!whump (dude's a certified woobie, I wouldn't except anything else), but it manages to keep him in character. Like, instead of turning into a weeping mass who clings to Thor, he stays very cool and collected and inwardly hurt and doesn't want to share his (man!)pain with anyone. Until Thor sexes it out of him.

My favorite, however, is a force bonding fic where he and Thor are banished to Midgard and Loki discovers Evanescence, ""For they are the only ones who speak to the pain of my soul." (but it's cracky, so it's okay)

Still need a Loki icon. Loki icon achieved!

Also, the order of my favorite Trickersters of all time (right now):
1. Puck
2. Loki and Gabriel (it's a tie)
3. Q
4. Azazel (mine, from 'Angel's War.' Fallen angel, demon, brat, whatever; he's trickester mold)


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