Apr. 4th, 2014 09:43 am
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A man sitting next to me at the movie theater asked me to explain what happened in Captain America 1 to his daughter before the movie started. I did it in about two minutes and may have implied that Steve's decision to crash the plane was partially motivated by losing Bucky.
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In retrospect, I don't know why I didn't think I'd like Captain America all that much or the movie at all. Well... okay, I honestly didn't know anything about Captain America except that he may or may not have been Wolverine's boyfriend during WWII (X-Men Evolution gave me this idea. No, seriously, this was my introduction to Captain America. I didn't even know he was a thing before this).

Anyway, the point is, for the most part, I've always been a villain girl, but a specific type of villain. I like bad guys who think they're fighting for the right side but know they themselves aren't good (like the Operative from Serenity and others), bad guys who start out trying to do good and then fuck up (I think Loki falls into this category because, even though he caused deaths, ultimately he was trying to protect Asgard from Thor... at first), bad guys who are erotically obsessed with the good guy (Lex Luthor), and stuff, but... BUT...

My bulletproof kink has always been good guys who do good because it's the right thing to do and won't let anyone sway them from it by, like, logic and self-preservation and stuff. And if that isn't Steve Rogers, I don't know what is.

And that's why Steve Rogers is my favorite superhero.
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Were the Commandos actually referred to as the Howling Commandos in the movie? I can't remember, and don't have time to rewatch the whole thing right now. I suspect they weren't, but sometimes (not often) I'm wrong.


Jun. 18th, 2012 12:58 pm
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Does anyone know what rank Agent Carter is in Captain America: First Avenger. I think my dad said she was a major (he yelled at Cap when he said he could give her orders cause he was a captain because she still outranks him) but I can't remember and I don't think he'd remember and I can't find it anywhere. So, does anyone know?
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If Steve was already lying on his enlistment forms, why did he keep putting down his full medical history? Why not fudge it?

Also, I need a transcript.\

Also also; Steve Rogers. King Arthur or Galahad?
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Saw the movie again today. Everything is always better the second time. Captain America was no exception.

First thoughts from the before the preview-previews:

That Against the Wall show has a dude that looks almost exactly like Ioan Gruffudd in it. I thought it was until I looked it up on IMBD and it wasn't. Eerie.

The show about the female detective that's gonna be on, the one who wears the hat? She better be a lesbian, otherwise the show looks horrible.

Taylor Lautner sounds like Leonardo DiCaprio.

The movie )


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