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So, I just saw the best Sherlock Holmes movie ever (that doesn't have a dinosaur)! It's Sherlock: A Case of Evil, a Sherlock Holmes origin story.

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The A-Team has the best closing credits score I've heard in forever. It was... it was gorgeous. Beautiful. Perfect. I needed a cigarette afterwards it was so good. I'd pay to see the closing credits again.

Sadly, the soundtrack isn't out yet. This makes me depressed.

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The movie theater had coffee. Life is good again.

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Meanwhile, the little boy whose father lives upstairs is back this weekend. I had a hard week at school, I'm sick of school-aged children, and I don't want him bugging me. So, I'm being a big harsh, but, dude. This kid won't take a hint. And his parents are doing a piss poor job teaching him social skills.


Jan. 24th, 2009 02:47 pm
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So, last year, my kids started reading Inkheart and the sequel. I was planning on doing it until I found out there was a movie coming out. Since I can't read a book then see a movie (unless it's HP), I decided to wait.

And then, the studios kept pushing the fucking thing back so Brenden Fraser wouldn't have to compete with himself. *sigh*

I tried to read the book in the interim, but could never quite get into it. Finally, the movie has come out. I watched it. Enjoyed it. Now I can read it.

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So. I'm eating lunch, then heading off to the bookstore to buy the book and write.
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Wow. That movie was worth EVERY PENNY. Pretty, pretty, pretty boys and really, really bad acting from everyone else. I'm covered in cheese (and lust, because Wes Bently? In eyeliner? Hot, hot, hot).

It's so bad, it's good. And I got to fill out a survey afterwards. In other words? Go see it. :)
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Why the hell even call the move "The Children of Men" and say it's based on the book by P.D. James, if the only thing is has in common is the barest hint of the idea (ie the world is infertile--although, in the book, it's *everyone* and in the movie, according to Wikipedia, it's only women which pisses me off) and the names? Seriously. The plot synopsis tells me the movie has nothing to do with the fabulous book I just read.

Stupid fucking movie people.

My ankle hurts. :(
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Nov. 12th, 2005 06:07 pm
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Saw Pride and Prejudice today. I enjoyed it quite a big. Kiera Knightly did a very good job as Lizzy, and they did a good job portraying the Bennets as being of a slightly lower class than the Binglys, et al. It is, of course, not the A&E miniseries, but at least it wasn't the black and white version, either. It was a nice little version of it that I recommend when you don't have time to sit through the 10 hrs miniseries or read the book, but want the story anyway.


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