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At Damien and Dominic's wedding (from COTW), Jason (their child, not Teague) insisted on being the flower boy. Lara's the itty bitty ring bearer.

Huh. Apparently I don't have a Damien/Dominic icon loaded.
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I just posted COTW 18: The Last Layer to AO3. I took, I think, well over a week to write that sex scene. I don't think I have ever devoted so much time to one particular scene before, not like that. Every morning, I'd get up, turn on my computer, and go to the sex scene, tweaking and adding and just trying to make it perfect.

And, God fucking damn, but that thing was just littered with passive verb tenses all over the place. Not a bad scene in an of itself, but not very well written from a purely technical standpoint.

I think I've fixed most of it. Anyway, it's posted.

It was originally going to be the last part of the series, back when it was supposed to be just about how Lex and Clark got together. I never expected it to take eighteen parts. It was all Lex's fault and his stupid idea that Clark was going to crush his skull. Stupid Lex. Anyway, by the time I finally got them to do the final deed, I had too many plot lines going on for that to be it.

And then, of course, I realized that there was another layer of Clark's virginity to take away. Ah, well. I still like the title.

COTW Haiku

May. 15th, 2007 08:04 pm
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I don't know what made me think of these, but I suddenly remembered I had written them ages ago. Early COTW poetry (I think I might have referenced Clark's at one point).

Firsts )

And Clark's.

Falling )
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So, I've been having problems sleeping lately. Waking up and not being able to get back to sleep and everything. So, this morning, I got up and ate at five in the morning. Then, to help me get back to sleep, I started thinking about fic.

"What Might Have Been" to be specific.

The sex scene that's coming up.

hee.. It's gonna be hot. And, right now, I'm the only one who knows how hot. So, be jealous.

Sorry. That's not exactly Christmasy, is it.

Okay, so it involves Pam cradling a tense Michael against her while Alex explores the tattoo in every way possible and as thoroughly as possible until Michael is nothing more than a trembling bundle of need.

Merry Christmas!

And, as promised, COTW 45: A Merry Little Christmas
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I think Twin Flames, my Pitch Black fic, is one of the best fics I've ever written. Even without the beta, I think it's almost on the level of LLAR, MetCon, and a few of the better written COTWs.

And speaking of, COTW Spoilers )

Oh, and GIP from [ profile] lapetite_kiki's garage sale. :)
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Fic: Interim 1: Piano Forte
Author: Me.
Rating: Adults only, baby
Pairing: Damien/Dominic
Summary: How Damien and Dominic got together. And you can decide who *really* made the first move.
Notes: Unbeta'd, but, dude, it's finished. Finally. Oh, set way back in Season 1, before Lionel took Clark.

Damien/Dominic sex ahead )
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Y'all need help picturing the last scene I wrote for COTW, give you a visual:

Damien beind the cut )
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All right, so I've written another future-fic. This one won't make you cry. I promise. I can't promise it will be canon in the future, but it's fun for now.

Jitters )
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It's cobbled together and a rough draft. But it's been going through my mind all day, so I wrote it.

There is a very vaguish spoiler of something I once wanted to write in COTW. I still may if I ever get there, but we'll see. But I have always liked the idea.

Anyway, I can't garantee this will be canon for COTW if I write through S5. But who cares, right? It's fic.

The Day After the Reckoning )

Maybe I need a Kent family +Lex COTW icon. With the compass in it.

I wish I could make icons


Oct. 21st, 2005 07:52 am
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The thing is, I kind of like brother/sister Clark and Lois. I thought last night, they really hit a good stride with that, where Clark is simultaneously annoyed and protective over her. If only I didn't know they're supposed to end up together, I'd really be rooting for them to be bff.

Although, in COTW or other fanfic, since it's all about Clark loving Lex, they can be BFF, right?

Last night was fine. My aunt's okay, sort of. She broke her right wrist and is right handed. Not only that, but she won't ever let anyone into her apartment because she's a packrat like the kind that gets featured on Opera and Dr.Phil, so we don't know how she managed after my parents dropped her home. I slept okay in a bed that wasn't mine and was too small and didn't really have a comforter. The blanket I used was great.

The suckiest thing for me (and you all) was that I was writing COTW when my dad called to tell me what'd happened. I didn't save it to my flash drive, so I can't work on it anymore until I get home. So sad. I was on a roll, too. *sigh*

Yay, it's Friday. :)
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Okay, it's done. Thank you to Fabrisse, Mlleelizabeth, capnzebbie, and Jessica for the fabulous beta job. Without you ladies, my fics would not be what they are.

And, of course, thanks again to my audience, who has waited and supported and read the first draft drivel that came out of my fingertips. I much appreciate you as well.

No, this is not the last COTW. Yes, I am writing the next. Slowly. Verra, verra slowly.

Foundations, Part 4


Sep. 17th, 2005 10:56 am
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I need offensive slang for gay men that a homophobe might use. Please.

Also, House would so totally take Lex on as a fellow if Lex applied. He likes puzzles, right? A Luthor who broke with his father for no apparent reason to become a doctor when he could have taken the "easy" way out and gone into the family business--especially with Lex's past--would so totally interest him. Don't know if COTW!Lex will become a doctor, but it'd be a natural crossover if he did. But, just in case he doesn't... someone needs to write that. :P

But, serious. Offensive slang. Please.

Just waiting for one more beta on COTW 50 and then am ready to post. Yay!
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She made a picture inspired by part 1 of COTW 51. It's here. Go admire and drool and heap love on her.

And I promise to work on part 51 this weekend.


Sep. 10th, 2005 06:52 pm
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Part 50 is being beta'd by my lovely and generous betas. I'm craving Rice Krispie Treats, but have none of the ingredients. And I've consumed a massive amounts of sugar today, and need to not have any.

But that's nothing to do with the price of eggs. Vote the poll.

[Poll #568250]


Jul. 27th, 2005 09:48 am
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[ profile] shadowstar_gzan made me a Grant icon. It's so cool!!! *grins*


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