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Summary The Winchesters, with the help of a friend, are investigating a series of seemingly unrelated deaths of college professors ranging back one hundred and fifty years. Sequel to Captured Soul

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Look at me. Writing more Supernatural fic.

I actually sorta want to write a few scenes that take place before this, but when I tried last night, it sucked. So, instead, here I go. Writing this again.

I actually had a nightmare last night that I was at the writer's conference and hadn't touched my novel so it still wasn't all that great. I was so angry at myself. I swear, today, I am going to sit down and work on it, dammit.

Author me
Summary The Winchesters, with the help of a friend, are investigating a series of seemingly unrelated deaths of college professors ranging back one hundred and fifty years.
Pairing maybe Dean/OFC

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So, I've come against that wall again. I've picked the demon-thing for the next Supernatural fic I write. It was going to be a Fox Fairy. According to my field guide, they're highly dangerous and have an affinity for scholars. They steal the vital essence of its human lover during an orgasm then take off, leaving their lover to waste away.

Perfect, right? I could legitimatly put Rachel in danger but, because she's still in college, not have it be all about her. The boys could be tipped off to the danger by a recent death at Yale, leading them to a bunch of other suspicious deaths at various colleges dating way, way back.

The problem is, on further research (and closer reading of my book) it's only the female Fox Fairy that goes after scholars. And although I could have a female go after Rachel, I'd rather it be a guy.

So, do you think it matters? I mean, shows twist this kind of stuff to fit their purpose all the time (Lionel's story about Prometheus anyone?). So... do you think I could twist it? Or throw in the line that all the research says only female Fox Fairies go after scholars and someon (Dean) say back, "Well obviously the research is wrong"?

Am I overthinking fanfiction?

And can you believe that I have a writing conference to go to in less than a month and I've revised a total of 1/2 a page of my publishable novel? And I'm worried that I haven't yet started COTWS 52 yet?

Seriously, anyone need a slave? Just let me write, and I'll do ANYTHING.
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All right, y'all, admit it. How many of you cleaned out your cookies last night when Alan Shore talked about them on Boston Legal?

Just me then?

Yeah, okay.

I got fantastic feedback over at for my Supernatural fic last night. Very happy about that. They said I managed ... You know what? I'ma just gonna post it:

This was a really great story. I loved that you gave us some hints about Dean and Rachael but were restrained about how far you took it. I was really afraid for a little while that I might be reading another Dean/mystery girl romance where they end up together or she is pregnant. Or even that the romance ends up being the story. I wasn't afraid for long as you did a great job. Thanks for a wonderful female OC story with Sam and Dean. Really nice job.

I love feedback. :)

And I love my flist. Have a good day everyone!!
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My shoulder hurts like hell. My right one. I swear I think I pulled it carrying my purse. How lame is that, yo?

Last night I didn't have a heart attack. It was an anxiety attack. Third in a week, if you count Sunday as part of last week. :) I don't know why they're suddenly popping up so much.

Is it sad I'm reading someone's Mary Sue Supernatural fic because I'm studing the mistakes made just so I don't do them as well? Like, the girl's brother was killed in the same manner as Jess and Mary Winchester; I figure that's really, really sueish, so even if I ever thought to do it, I'm not. And she psychic. And she makes Dean buy her tampons.

I think, out of everything, it's the last that makes me the most irritated. Well, that and, while she's on the run from the police and a demon thing, she actually tries on clothes at Wal-Mart. Seriously, if you're on the run and just buying replacements, do you need to take an hour to try everything on? I wouldn't. I'd just grab whatever was in my size and not horrible (and not fancy, either; just tee shirts and jeans), toss them in the cart, the buy my own damn tampons (except I only use pads)

What would you do?

Oh, then there's the fact that Dean doesn't want to flirt with the girl. He wants to protect her. I don't know if mine's any better, though; sometimes, he wants to flirt with her, sometimes, he wants to kick her really hard. And when she gets hurt, he gets irritated not because it's her getting hurt, but becasue he hates seeing women in general get hurt. I feel that's Dean's character, though, not an outcome of Rachel.

I need to get ready for school. Jou and rapture.
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I'm dying. How the hell did I hurt my neck sleeping?

Captured Soul, Part 6 )
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I've renamed it to be "Captured Soul". That was, the title isn't such a givaway. Not that some of the titles for the actual show aren't (Bloody Mary, Wedigo, etc).

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I live with the people I create and it has always made my essential loneliness less keen. Carson McCullers
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I know this is obvious, but it is so hard to write fics with OFCs and not make them Mary Sues. And then, because I am me, it is very hard to write any fic ever and not turn it into a fucking series as this one wants to do.


I just hope I have an audience once it's done.

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Would anyone be interested in beta'ing this when I'm done? Or helpig me get a better title?

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Title: Ghost in the Photo
Author Serafina
Pairing None
Rating PG
Summary A series of mysterious deaths lead the boys to an inn in New Haven.
Feedback is Love.

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Here's the Supernatural fic that I'm not writing

TitleGhost in the Photo
Author Serafina
Pairing None
Rating PG
Summary A series of mysterious deaths lead the boys to an inn in New Haven.

Feedback is Love.

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So, I have that Supernatural OFC, Rachel. Not a Mary Sue because A. absolutely nothing special about her (she's about as special as any woman on the show so far, only she knows about the supernatural world all ready) and B. I don't really wanna be on the show.

So of course, I had a dream I was her. Nothing about the actual story. It took place after. Sam and Dean had to come back to where she was living for a job and decided to crash with her (without asking). They arrive in the middle of the night and drag her out of bed only to tease her mercilessly about her PJs.

I just got a pretty pair of blue flowered thermals. They made fun of it.

Also dreamed that Rachel's parents showed up to chastize her about something and did so in front of the boys. It made me sad.

I'm now wishing I worked for the show, so I could write this character in as a recurring guest, like I hope Missouri will be.

Rachel is really not supposed to be a Mary Sue, nor is this supposed to be a story, no matter how much it continues to develop.
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Even though I'm not writing it, I've thought of even more of the Supernatural with the OFC fic. I'm calling her an OFC because I have absolutely no desire to be in Supernatural, unlike my Firefly Mary Sue who is a result of me wanting to be in the show (plus, the character has been hanging around me since my sophomore year of college, like, seven years ago; she needed to be put in something. I've already found a place to put Garrison, even though he's techincally in 3 stories total now). However, if I were going to write this fic, the way it's set up, I'd have to have the OFC.

Anyway, to recap:

There's a girl, Rachel. Her family is full of historians who research the history of sites of violent deaths. The generally stick to big sites and, unlike the Winchesters, are organized, rich, and have lives outside of their "duty." Of course, they don't hunt like the Winchesters do and don't usually search out isolated incidents like the boys.

However, a friend of Rachel's buys a house or moves to a town where there is some demonic or ghostly trouble. As a favor, she heads out to take care of it and crosses the path of the boys.

She goes to the house to deghost it, or at least figure out what's going on. She' doesn't tell her parents before, because, due to being posessed a few years before, she's behind on her studies and they'd rather her concentrate on that then waste her time on anything else (this way, she can also be in her twenties and still be in college, because I'm thinking of having her interest be primarily in the supernatural forces of England [at least until she meets the guys] and I figure that she'd need to be, you know, in England for that to be in any way effective. If she's just studying history, she can be in America). Rachel doesn't have much experience with hunting house ghosts (not her field), but she manages to get it to manifest itself. However, she's injured in the process, which is when Dean and Sam (who are invesitaging the ghost, obviously I'll need to figure out who, how, and what the logistics of the spirit are), get her out before she's the history she is so fond of (sorry).

From what I've seen on the show (at least Asylum), Dean seems to be ready to yell at someone who puts themselves in danger without realizing what they're dealing with (of course, he's assuming she was checking out the haunted house). They both sort of previcate on why they were there. And then I guess maybe they got their separate ways, only to meet again the next night. They get rid of the ghost and exchange stories.

Rachel wonders if the demond or whatever is attacking the Winchester family specifically (okay, maybe that's Sue-ish). She asks if there's been any kind of history of this in their family, losing women or even people with Sam's abilities (that's a little hazy, of course, since I really, HIGHLY doubt that Sam or Dean would casually tell a stranger about that part). The boys, not really knowing their family history, don't know. Since her experience with the supernatural has been primarily research based, she's surprised and a little disdainful. Dean gets angry, but Sam suggests/asks if she'd be interested in looking into it.

And that's all I have. I wish I could stop because it's starting to get even better developed. And I need to move on with my writing. Right?
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Once upon a time, I created a Mary Sue for every show and movie (sometimes books) I fangirled. Michelle Kenobie-(Skywalker Karrde) for Star Wars Trilogy. Lissala Sol for the Prequels. Kristina Amanda Masters for TaleSpin and Darkwing Duck. Camellia Trouillefou for Hunchback of Notre Damn. Lt. Cmmdr. Lauren Winkler for STTNG. Dr. T'Cilia for Star Trek Original Series (movies only). Diana...something for Sherlock Holmes. Jocylen HogesonJoy Robinson for SeaQuest. Serafina Romano for BtVS/Angel. And then, I discovered slash. Suddenly, all that Mary Sueing stopped. Or, even if it didn't stop (Tamarisk Fowler, Harry Potter), I didn't spend quite as much time developing the characters as I used to (since I generally fit the characters into the show/movie and didn't write fully new stories [think COTW, only rewriting every single episode], I generally wrote long character profiles explaining what my girls were doing during the movie and/or show). Instead, I wrote long, complicated new plots with lots of sex, lots of angst, and lots of... characters that didn't belong to me.

Now, though, it seems to have changed. It started with Firefly.  I wanted to slash Simon and Mal.  After the movie, I could have gone with River and Mal.  However, I decided to create a new character to ship with Simon.  Okay, that didn't work out and she ended up with Mal, but whatever.  I thought it was going to be an anomoly.

I finally have a bunny for Supernatural.  Supernatural )


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