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There was a reason I was avoiding watching either "Firefly" or "Serenity". It was because I'm in the middle of other fic I need to write. I don't need to go back to my firefly fic.

However. After I got off the phone with J., I flipped around to find somethign to watch until "The Daily Show" and there was "Serenity"

So, here's the fic.

Chapters 1-17

Part 18 )
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I don't even know wher all the parts are. So, for those of you just joining us, this is my foray into Firefly fic. This is the second book in what will probably end up being three books one day. Whatever.

The Passenger Book 1
Serenity takes a passenger aboard who is almost as much trouble as the Tams. Some ff content and mentions of mm. The usual UST and slash stuff apply.

The Passenger Book 2: Chameleons
While River begins to undergo treatment to repair the damage wrought by the Alliance, Camille and Mal try to deal with the chasm between them.

Part 18 )
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I swear I'm gonna work on COTW. No, really. I'm just, you know. Busy. But grades are in and out and all, so....

I've neither tagged nor memoried this fic. I'm not good.

Previous Chapters

Passenger book 2, Part 17 )

Firefly Fic

Mar. 3rd, 2006 09:42 am
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Here it is. Me writing a het sex scene. Even if you haven't read the story up until now, you might want to check it out, just for a laugh.

Or, you know, to stroke my ego and remind me that I can write. And that I write better than LKH.

The Passenger Book 2: Chameleon part 16 )
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I wrote! I wrote Firefly fic! Because I'm only in the middle of how many fics? I have time, right?


I also watched Shindig, Safe, Our Dear Mrs. Reynolds and Jaynestown tonight. I'm all Firefly-ed up.

My legs hurt.

The Passenger Book 1
The Passenger Book 2, previous parts

Part 14 )
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I've actually written more of The Passenger part 2 for the very few people who are reading it. :)

Part 12 or 13 )
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Or, serafina returns to her slashy roots.

Let's call it part 12 )
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I'm watching Pitch Black for the zillionth time. Hopefully, it won't wake any Twin Flames bunnies, because I'm getting eaten alive by bunnies right now.

What I have:


Fine/Lex as professors who bet who can seduce Clark first.
The Robin Hood bunny (with Lex as Maid Marian)
The Shakespear in Love/Stage Beauty bunny where Clark falls in love with skirt!actor Lex


Continuing the Jack/James with Gavin story

Finishing/continuing the Jack/Boone series

The Passenger

Pitch Black
Twin Flames

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
A Chocolate Factory for Veruca (Or, How Veruca Finally got her Orgasm)

Harry Potter
My mary sue story

A fic where Dean learns the joys of bottoming

Plus, my original novel, which I need to keep reasearching and try to finish so I can, someday, publish it.

Do you think I have enough on my plate? Dear Lord.

Part 10 )


Nov. 6th, 2005 01:05 pm
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Next part of fic )
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I'm pretty sure no one on LJ is reading it. And yet, I post...

Chapter 7 )
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I don't know. Chapter six?

Next Part )

I'm suddenly feeling *really* icky. I had a cookie when I woke up from my nap and it's just sitting there. According to one of my coworkers, it's okay to be sick because then you don't eat a lot.


I'm seriously thinking she's anorexic. She loves to exercise (ride her bike, swim, walk, whatever) and, in fact, joined the army when she was 18 partly so she could exercise (and travel), but she's paranoid about what she eats. Remember that scene in Clueless where Cher talks about what a "hefier" she was because she had a whole bowl of Special K, five peanut butter M&Ms, a handful of popcorn, and something else? That's Ji. She eats nothing but low fat Wheat Thins all day, then talks about how many calories she's consumed. She weighs maybe the same as I do (maybe a littel more) and talks about her thunder thighs to our overweight coworker. It's sick. And she's in her fifties and I understand eating disorders know no age, but still. It's weird.
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Chapter 4/5 )
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I'm reading Mal/River fics now. I've sunk so low.

Chapter 3 )
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My friend is all concerned because she wants to see Serenity and knows i've already seen it once. I don't know how to break it to her I saw it twice. And really do want to see it a third time.

Green day tonight.

Passenger Book 2, Chameleon ch. 2 )
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More firefly

Chapter 1 )


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