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First, I dreamed I had to go back to high school because I never passed some essential class. I was very annoyed that all my years of teaching and college didn't matter and I had to go back. Plus, my mom had to enroll me, which was embarrassing.

Then, I dreamed that Sea World tried to release their killer whales back to the ocean by opening the tanks directly into the ocean. The whales swam out, but when they hit the dirty water, the noped out and turned back around. Also, for some reason, they had legs. It was a strange dream.

Weird dream

Mar. 9th, 2014 10:35 am
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I was in the Star Wars universe. I may have been a handmaiden for Padme (or some other queen, because the emperor was already in charge). We were separated by colors; the body guard handmaidens were in blue. I was in green. I don't know the significance.

Anyway, we were captured by the Empire along with a bunch of other young people (teens and early twenties). They separated us into groups and told us we were going to face something. There were five rooms, each with a different thing that might kill us. If we survived... I don't know. We were part of the Empire or something. If we didn't, we were going to be transported to another universe to a place called New York where, upon arrival, we would probably be immediately killed by a man with a shield.

My group was "preparing", trying to figure out what we would do. Another group was in a room and there was poising and lots of screaming and dying. For some reason, one of the girls in that group kept coming to give us things like shirts and stuff. I was suspicious of her and suspected the shirts were poison. Finally, most of the group was killed and the rest of the (very injured) survivors were transported off. My group was transported to our room, where there was a giant tree with tentacles that plunged down into a base of goo. We were put into the goo. Everyone sort of flailed around, fighting and trying to defend ourselves. I hid and tried to figure out how to defeat it. I finally figured out we needed to attack it from three angles all at once. I tried to explain, but since I was the smallest and weakest, they didn't want to listen to me. Finally we started.

I don't know how the dream ended. In the dream, I was somehow related to the Emperor, which didn't give me any advantage, had powers (not necessarily the Force). I think Darth Vader may have been a woman.

Dreams, man.


Dec. 21st, 2013 08:41 am
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I had a dream that the book Twilight was killing people (or the series of books). And I think I was Skye from Agents of SHIELD and we were trying to figure out how. And, for some reason, Captain America was there. He kept lifting weights and stuff. We thought maybe there was a magic curse on the books and if you read certain words in a particular order, it might kill you.

And then a bunch of other stuff. It was really weird.
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I'm on antibiotics for my stupid tooth on which I had to have a root canal on. I'm supposed to take it at evenly spaced intervals, so I have to wake up in the middle of the night. Last night, I set the alarm for 1:30 so I could get up and take it. I have a vague memory of waking up, turning it off, and then deciding that I didn't need to take the pill right then and it could go fuck itself (I left the pill in the kitchen because, in addition to the suckage of having to wake up to take it, I also have to remain in an upright position for about a half hour after, so thought the walk would wake me up).

Fast forward to about 3:30 when I woke up again and realized what I'd done. And being pissed off at my 1:30 self like it was another person.

Also, I am apparently only one semester unit from graduating the stress-induced college I've been attending in my dreams for years. When I realized how close I was, I actually got angry for not doing shit in past school-stress dreams (like the classes I'd just "forgotten" to go to for an entire semester, or that one paper I never got to the teacher because I couldn't find the class in time). So. Maybe by summer, I won't be going to sleep-college anymore.
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Last night, I dreamed I was reading 1984, only it was written by Thomas Harris and I got all excited because Beverly Katz was in it and I'd never realized it was a cross over before. Then I started reading Red Dragon and when Jack came in, I started glaring at the book. My mom asked what was wrong, and I said I hated Jack because he is a life ruiner. He ruins lives. (I do say that).

Then, I watched Sherlock Holmes (the movie). For some reason, it was Ewan McGregor instead of Jude Law. But, there was a scene where they were taking a bath together. And then they started kissing. Sherlock drowned Watson for some reason to protect him (he wasn't dead, just unconscious), but they kissed a lot and I kept thinking, "How can people say that this movie isn't slashy?"
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Last night, I dreamed that I went to a new gym. In the gym, they assigned you to teams. Your team got points for your workout and you competed with other teams. There were workout areas like the boxing area (it was a virtual reality solo system, where a hologram would teach you the moves and you could practice on bags or fight the hologram) a gun range (to work out your hands or something), weight lifting, treadmills, and an obstacle course that included a slide. It was like a big playground for grown-ups. With winners.

I want to go to there.

Stupid Cat

Sep. 8th, 2012 09:45 am
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Stupid Cobbler woke me from a dream where my family was doing something with/for Jeremy Renner and he was really into me and we were going to kiss. But stupid Cobbler. *grr*
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The other night, I dreamed I was Kali (the vampire goddess in my novel). I was traveling somewhere with my entourage and one of my followers noticed I was looking pale. She asked if I wanted a snack, so I said, yes. They'd brought two: a woman and her little girl. I expressly said I wanted the woman, yet somehow found myself with the little girl sitting next to me. We talked and I bit her wrist. She tasted like fruit juice (which somehow filled up a glass that someone else was holding).

I'm very disturbed by this and am not sure what it means.

(I know, however, I wasn't intending to kill either one; just take a little bit. Still).


May. 19th, 2012 12:14 pm
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Last night I dreamed I was Natasha. We were living in the Stark "mansion" (it was just a really big house, not a tower, more like a smaller version of Professor X's place) and was on the roof. Clint found me or escaped from being kidnapped or something and we had a cuddle session on the roof (because I'm super into platonic, asexual soulmate relationships right now in which the two people manage to entwine themselves together completely without any intent other than comfort [although there is sometimes kissing]). For some reason, however, he was turned into Darth Maul (or at lest looking like him). Then Tony comes running by and leaving and *head* been Hulkified, only read and I think meshed with his armor.

Then my stupid cat woke me up because he decided it was up time, even though he had food, didn't want to go outside, and I had no reason to be up.

In other words, Brycee's been going out at night lately for house, which she hasn't done in about two years. I'm now wondering if it's because she's been sick for two years (stomach problems that have been making her throw up) and she's finally feeling better. This makes me feel like a horrible mom because I didn't know for two years she was sick. *sigh*
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I had an odd dream in which I was some sort of goddess and Loki was going to hook me up to a celestial machine that would destroy the world. I pretty much went with it, because it was foretold, but at the last moment demanded that Loki come and talk to me.

At which point, I did the teacher-thing to make him see what he was doing was stupid. I literally cupped his cheeks and said, "Why are you doing this?" and when he answered something (I don't remember), I said, "No, that's not why. Why are you doing this?" I think I made him say it four times before he finally admitted because he wanted attention.

At that point, I kissed him on the forehead, gave him a couple books to read, and sent him on his way. And, thus the end of the world was avoided.

Because... I guess I think Loki's a second grader?
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Last night, I had a dream they decided to turn Elementary into a half hour sitcom. And add two other women beside Lucy Liu. And whats his name... the guy from "Book of Eli" who's playing Holmes (or whatever) his part was cut waaaay down. And the mystery was, well. A 1/2 hour sitcom mystery. And the show was the worst thing ever.

Then, I got into a fight with someone because they told me that there was just no market for Sherlock Holmes in America, and that's why they changed it. And I said they were wrong and backed it up with a bunch of facts.


Jan. 6th, 2012 09:58 am
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Yesterday, I had lunch with a friend and we discussed our problems with dreams. This friend is having a lot of emotional problems and her therapist wanted her to write down all her dreams. It got too intense for the friend, because writing them down was making her relieve some horrible things she was dreaming about. I completely sympathize.

My dream last night wasn't horrible, just... odd. I was called in a sub in my old high school... only, as a student. There was none of the usual "OMG! I didn't study!" that usually comes with a "suddenly, I find myself back in school" because it was quite clear I was a teacher who was hanging out for the day. However, I was pissed because the teacher was also absent (my dad was taking over) and we were reading "Romeo and Juliet", only the teacher had preassigned roles so I couldn't read Juliet. That pissed me off.

The left side of my face is swollen and painful. But I don't wanna go to the doctor, so I'm trying to deal with it myself. Just sat over some steam. Going back to bed now.


Nov. 8th, 2011 05:14 pm
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Last night I dreamed that I discovered when I was 11, I'd been pregnant and given birth to a little girl who was then taken from me. I had blocked the whole memory out due to trauma. I don't know how I found out, but I was an adult. And when my mom found out, she said she didn't love me any more.

So... that was how I started my day.


Sep. 23rd, 2011 12:04 pm
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I had a dream about kitten-eating dolphins last night. It was about as horrifying as it sounds (especially the poor kittens who drowned before they were eaten).

I saved one. Except it got away from me and hid in the stables (it was a weird dream) before I could take it away. And the dolphin I saved it from had a that look of, "You think we need water, but just wait until I follow you home and kill you horribly."

These were bottlenosed dolphins, btw, orcas or terrifying river dolphins.
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Apparently, I think Brycee would survive the zombie apocalypse and travel with me and a group of survivors to... somewhere. (We were by the ocean and a freshwater river). I would also bike down the coast to get back to my family (although I woke up before I actually did it, I was in the midst of planning).

It was a rather horrific dream. For some reason, all the zombies were children. They all gathered together at some supermarket (there was there hive mind/memory thing going on, and one f the zombie children remembered being abandoned at the market and, thus, wanted to return there). Then, they all set themselves on fire and exploded. Which, contaminated our water supply, but we managed to get by somehow.

Still. horrifying.
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Last night I dreamed that I got married to Bradley James and Colin Morgan (or, possibly, Arthur and Merlin; it wasn't too clear). It was a secret and we were on our honeymoon.

It was a good dream.
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From that movie! That tells you if you're in a dream or not. 'cause I've now had two dreams where I'm all, "Is this a dream?"and then I pinch myself (or smack myself) and it hurts (or I think it does) and them am all,"Oh, this must not be a dream," which sucks (or doesn't, in the dream where Timothy Olyphant and I fell in love), so...

I need a thingy-thing.

Also, I'm getting way too many plot bunnies for SPN based on that Clown Motel.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]

Cockroach? No. It's an insect. I'm not Sylar.


PS I had a nightmare about frogs last night. And Cobbler turning into a cat-killing machine. He was killing the frogs, but he was also trying to kill me. And Denzel Washington.
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Last night I dreamed I was reading/in a comic book I'd borrowed from my sister. There were all these superheroes fighting in a kind of post-apocalyptic war. One of them was unmasked and it was Christian Bale, because Bruce Wayne was really Batman, so the writers decided to play a joke and it was really stupid and I thought it was stupid in the dream and it doesn't even make sense awake. Anyway, he and this other hero were lamenting how their identities were known and they couldn't really fight. They decided to make a suicide run. So, they shook hands and ran for this huge, radiated superhero and the went completely through him, became totally irradiated then burst into flames, crashed into a tree which started to burn then spent the next three hours burning to death.

And I saw all it and felt sick. So then I thought how I didn't like comic books like that and went into another one where I was some villain-ess's daughter.

The dream sucked.

Then, upon waking, the radio asked me a trivia question: In what movie did Tommy Lee Jones, Nicole Kidman, and Drew Barrymore all have a part. It took me a really long time to figure it out (embarrassingly long) but I hadn't had coffee yet.

THEY BURNED TO DEATH, people. Right after their skin melted off.
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Although I didn't really want to remember the first dream I had the other night, it just flashed into my mind:

It was a Merlin dream. Vivian was de-aged into a little girl the same age as Mordred. They met and Mordred fell totally in love with Vivian. I think Vivian loved Mordred, too, but I don't remember. At one point, Merlin had put them to bed in the same bed, but far away from each other. During the night, they moved closer and started snuggling like little kittens. All very innocent, since they were so young (younger than Mordred really is; I think about 8 or 9). It was adorable.

No real dreams last night, thank God. When Cobbler woke me up to get back in, there was something about Dean, but I don't remember anything beyond his face. Which is pretty.


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