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I went to a Scottish and Celtic festival today with my dog-loving friend. The SPCA had adoptable dogs there, so we went over to see them. I was trying to coax this little one out from under its pillow while my friend went to go pet a beautiful black dog. I gave up on pillow puppy and went to join my friend.

The black dog saw me coming and ran, pulling on its leash. When I got down to pet it, it stood on its hind legs, put her paws on my shoulders, and started licking me all over.

I love that dog. I would have adopted it on the spot if I could.

In cat news, not only is Cobbler still following me out to my car, Tuxedo Cat has got in the act. I was barely able to leave the house because I kept having to stop to pet them.
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The other night, Brycee came inside the house. I picked her up to pet her and there was slimy, matted fur on her tummy. But, no, it wasn't fur. It was a slug! And I couldn't get it out of her fur. So I got a scissors and started cutting off the fur.

And then I cut the slug in half.

I am now scarred for life.
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There is water in the kitchen, next to the food, and yet every cat, including Tuxedo Cat, the OUTDOOR cat/guest, seems to think that after they eat, the must go to the bathroom to drink from the mug. I don't get it.


Brycee doesn't think this. She just drinks from it when she's in there. But the boys do. Because boys are dumb.
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I'm supposed to get her in about a half an hour, but I miss her and I want her back now.

I snapped at the nurse on check in when she said she understood that Brycee is a "feisty" cat. Because she's not, she's sweet and cuddly and she hadn't gotten to eat all night and I had to pretend not to wake up when she tried the "gently biting Mom's face to inform her I"m out of food" maneuver and then I shoved her in a box and I'm a horrible mom.

Also, my tongue is fuzzy and the roof of my mouth is sore.

ETA Got my kitty back! The cleaning went well, but she's all groggy and smells like fear. ;/
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So, whenever Cobbler comes home after being away for a couple days, the first thing he does is looks for Brycee. This morning he came in and looked for her for about ten minutes. Even I didn't know where she was. He started to get really agitated when he couldn't find her, moving more quickly, getting more tense, when he *finally* found her:

She was hiding in a paper bag, watching him.


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So, whenever Cobbler comes home after being away for a couple days, the first thing he does is looks for Brycee. This morning he came in and looked for her for about ten minutes. Even I didn't know where she was. He started to get really agitated when he couldn't find her, moving more quickly, getting more tense, when he *finally* found her:

She was hiding in a paper bag, watching him.



Jan. 27th, 2013 01:34 pm
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After however long I've been feeding Tuxedo Cat, he finally let me pet him!!

I am the cat whisperer.


Dec. 10th, 2012 07:36 pm
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Apparently Cobbler now pees standing up.




Oct. 20th, 2012 09:34 pm
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There was a lot of noise and a lot of movement. Then I turned to look, and all I saw was Brycee, sitting there, looking at me with big, innocent eyes.

I don't trust her.


Aug. 18th, 2012 10:00 am
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The change in Brycee is amazing. I've been up for 15 minutes and she hasn't scratched or bitten at herself once. It'd gotten so bad, I think she was doing it at least once every two minutes, maybe more. But now, she can just sit and chill and be calm.

I know I can't beat myself up too much because I've been super stressed about school and I honestly didn't see what was going on with her because she's so independent, but I feel like a horrible, horrible person. Weeks of suffering could have been averted had I only paid attention.

I'm sorry, baby girl.

(FYI they gave her a cortizon shot and an antibiotic at the vet. She threw up once last night, which she tends to do after the Cortizon, but then she seemed okay. And no urine in inappropriate places so far today either!)
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I appreciate all the stuff you're telling me about litter boxes and how to get a finnicky cat to use a litter box and not everywhere else, but, honestly, right now I'm more concerned with the fact my kitty has licked and bitten off half of her fur and JUST WANT TO SEE THE DOCTOR.

Because, honestly? I'm not convince we're having a finnicky litter box problem. I think we're having a "I'm so uncomfortable, I'ma just gonna pee wherever the fuck I like, Mom until you m ake me feel better problem."

So. Yeah.
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Or, rather, shit that I need to get over:

Bitch List )


Aug. 3rd, 2012 09:44 pm
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Apparently Cobbler has been an annoying brat all day because all he wanted to do was curl up into my lap and pass stinky gas.

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Yesterday, Stormy took Cobbler's place as the stupidest cat in the apartment complex. I was coming home from rehearsal, and Stormy's sitting in my spot. He just sat there until my car was inches from him. I had to jump out of my car and chase him off. He ended up one space over, watching me.

So, dumb cat, right?

And then, today, Cobbler got stuck on the roof again. And by stuck, I mean perfectly happy to hang out on someone else's balcony until he sees me, freaks out, forgets how he got up there and starts crying. I had to lead him to the jump points and then throw things at and by him to get him off.



Jun. 2nd, 2012 08:40 pm
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My favorite part about Tuxedo Cat is every night, he peeks in, then walks on his tiptoes past me to get to the food, like I'm not sitting right here, watching him. Then, he tiptoes past me again to either the litter box or the water in the bathroom (because heaven forbid any cat drink the water in the kitchen next to the food). Then he "sneaks out", unless I move, then he runs out like he's being chased by very fast zombies.

He's a dork.

Also, Cobbler has taken to hissing at Tuxedo Cat, who ignores him, because Cobbler just isn't scary.


May. 19th, 2012 12:14 pm
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Last night I dreamed I was Natasha. We were living in the Stark "mansion" (it was just a really big house, not a tower, more like a smaller version of Professor X's place) and was on the roof. Clint found me or escaped from being kidnapped or something and we had a cuddle session on the roof (because I'm super into platonic, asexual soulmate relationships right now in which the two people manage to entwine themselves together completely without any intent other than comfort [although there is sometimes kissing]). For some reason, however, he was turned into Darth Maul (or at lest looking like him). Then Tony comes running by and leaving and *head* been Hulkified, only read and I think meshed with his armor.

Then my stupid cat woke me up because he decided it was up time, even though he had food, didn't want to go outside, and I had no reason to be up.

In other words, Brycee's been going out at night lately for house, which she hasn't done in about two years. I'm now wondering if it's because she's been sick for two years (stomach problems that have been making her throw up) and she's finally feeling better. This makes me feel like a horrible mom because I didn't know for two years she was sick. *sigh*
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I think the cats are daring each other. Yesterday, Smudge, Stormy, and Tuxedo Cat all walked into my house, jumped onto my bookshelf, and sat where Brycee sits a lot (right behind Clark and Lex), then jumped down and walked out of the house. Smudge came first and then later Stormy and Tuxedo Cat ran in and did it.

I honestly... I don't even know.
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Both Stormy and Tuxedo Cat walked in today to hang out. Brycee didn't do anything until Tuxedo Cat left, and then she just hissed. She didn't even stand, just hissed.

Now Tuxedo Cat is outside crying. He sounds like an alien being hit with a baseball bat.
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You know how hobos used to put signs out in front of people's houses to let others know what to expect? I think cats must do that to. Because last night, Brycee started freaking out. I went outside to find a new kitten (probably 6 or so months) trying to get past her into my house. I figured out she was actually trying to get to Cobbler. After he went out, the two of them took to sitting next to each other. She kept sneaking closer.

Then, about a half an hour later, Brycee started freaking out again. I look out and yet another cat is trying to get past her into the house. Cobbler and Smudge (the new little cat) are sitting up on the back fence watching this.

And then, I go to bed and hear a meow at the door. I thought it was Cobbler, so I went up to let him in...


So, I now have my two cats (Cobbler and Brycee). Then there's Cobblers bff Stormy, his sorta friend Tuxedo Cat. And now there's Smudge, Whiny Smurf (the second one, who has the biggest pair of testicles I've ever seen on a cat, but whines with every single step) and Fluff Face.

I mean, I'll give them food, but it's not out there all the time and Cobbler is the main one eating it. And it's only out there so I could maybe pet them.

So, yeah. Cat signs.

Also, this is me:


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