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I am allergic to mangos.

Which makes last night decision to eat a mango really stupid.

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It was 134/81 earlier at the store. But it might have been skewed because I started worrying my arm wasn't in the thingy right.


Dec. 4th, 2011 02:56 pm
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The skin on my upper butt (not lower back, but right on the upper curve of my butt), especially on the right side, is suuuper sensitive today. I thought it was my jeans, so I switched to exercise pants, but even that's rubbing me weird. So uncomfortable.

I'd run around half naked but it's too cold.

I want to make bean-bags for my class (the school only has 19, which isn't enough and I thought it'd be cheaper than buying) but the craft store (not Michael's,which sucks donkey balls in this town) is on one side and I still need to go to Target or something, which is on the other side of town and....


For some reason, Office Max didn't have erasable pens. I'm planning on getting one for each of my students this year, because they love writing with pens and I don't want them doing math with pens, but will yield if it's erasable, and figured they'd freak with joy. Only, Office max only had red, and I don't want red (I want blue. I like blue). So, weird.

10 more days until Christmas Break!

Oh, and I'm going to be really brave tomorrow and call my doctor's office and ask if I can cancel my appointment with the doctor I saw last week, because I didn't like him and felt he dismissed my concerns, and just see my regular doctor. And then, I'm going to see if my regular doctor could give me a prescription for Ambien so I don't have to go back to the psychiatrist (whom I don't feel I need to see right now.)
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I don't know what the heck happened this morning. I 'overslept' (not like I was going anywhere, but I slept longer than I met), had breakfast and then decided I was going to make posters for my classroom this morning. There was one I wanted to copy from a teacher's magazine about author's purpose. So, I went out, got markers and poster board, and came home to draw and create.

I was almost done when I started to feel hungry. Really hungry. It was around one. I made lunch (egg salad) but I guess by then it was too late. I started to shake and feel really icky. I finished the sandwich and started on... other stuff. I only remember the Life cereal. Finally, I stopped shaking super hard, but I still felt off and icky, so I decided to lay down. I somehow lost an hour, so I'm assuming I fell asleep, but, gah. It was awful.

Then I had to go Target because I didn't have any crayons and I needed those, too. I was good. They've got a lot of supplies out now, but I know that this is the waiting game. If I buy stuff too soon, it'll just be cheaper later and that's bad. If I wait too long, well, then I have to pay more. And I have to his multiple stores for things (Target, Wal-Mart, Office stuff). And, you know, I've can order stuff from school, which I did, but we never get it on time and sometimes we don't get enough stuff for everyone (kids should, in theory, be able to share crayons; in practice, they all want to use red at the same time). So it's good to have backups.

I still have a little bit of a headache. That sucks.
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Oh, look at that; the subject was already saved for me.

I HATE my ortho. Today, I got some bands removed, and because I "have a lot of saliva" in my mouth, the gave me some kind of pills to reduce that.

My lip swelled up so much, the girl at Jack-in-the-Box did a double take. I seriously looked like Goldie Hawn in First Wives' Clube. And I have stupidly big lips to begin with, so...

My mom wanted me to call the ortho, but me, being me, didn't because what were they going to do. I thought maybe my lip got bruised when the fucking dentist tripped on the mouth vacuum cord while it was in my mouth, but I think I had an allergic reaction. I'm okay, but my tummy was hurting (I crashed for 2 hours trying to get it to stop) and there's my freakishly huge lip (swelling's gone down, but it's still freakishly huge).

I finally went online to see what kind of pills they were and what the side effects are and, guess what? They are not supposed to be given to asthmatics.

I swear to god, I'm ripping the fucking braces off myself.
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To experience weight-loss on a drug, one would have to be eating less due to side effects, right? You just don't drop weight by being on the drug, right?

Cause... I think I can see my ribs, and I'm pretty sure they weren't there last week.
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The past couple days, I haven't have a voice, but I felt realatively okay.

But now. God, I feel like I've been buried under a pile of crap. Part of it is I had a mild reaction to the prednisone (which has never happened), and the other part?

I guess the virus. (The zombie virus?)

In other news, I took a nap earlier today. I didn't have any dreams. I don't think that has ever happened before. What was really weird is that I didn't know I was sleeping until I opened my eyes and saw this huge hunk of time had passed. Is this normal?


Sep. 23rd, 2010 08:58 am
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My voice is slowly coming back, but it still needs rest. The problem, I'm discovering, is I talk a lot when I'm watching TV or movies. And writing. And listening to music.

I guess I should just read?

Maybe I should put duct tape over my mouth?
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Last week I said that if I lost my voice, I would stay home from work to rest it. Today, I started to lose my voice. My nose is running and I'm dripping the back of my throat. So, technically, this means I should stay home tomorrow (if it continues).

And yet... I kind of think I can do it. I can make it through the day.

But, I tend to get sick really bad, really quickly, for a longer time. I can't say anything about L., who will go to the emergency room hives/breathing problems, then go to school the next day, but H. (both carpool members) is generally a healthy person. Well; healthy enough to push through. But I tend to get hit really hard.

Plus, I'm a different person. And I know it's better to stay home and rest instead of continuing to work and getting sicker and weaker. There's no reason I should feel guilty for contemplating taking the day off so I don't end up shot with steroids and on a bunch of pills.

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This morning, I noticed in the mirror that my obliques are suddenly looking toned. My thighs look like they're shrinking/getting muscles as well. I'm not exercising (I fit in yoga maybe once a week) and stretch my back in the mornings. I'm not eating healthy; if anything, my diet is the worst it's been in a really long time (I'm having a really bad run on fruit; every time I buy anything, it's sour and rots right away, and I've pretty much stopped eating vegetables).

So, either I'm going crazy or second grade is *really* good exercise.

(On the downside, my back really hurts and I'm losing the ability to sit criss-cross for any period of time without my ankles killing me, which is too bad, because it's the best position for my back. Also, my joints, especially my wrist and right thumb, are in almost constant pain. But, the new keyboard is helping the with pain).

There is nothing on TV to watch. I've watched Red Eye and Star Trek tonight. Now, it's the choice between Aliens and Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (shut up; I love it), but Aliens went to commercial right away.

Also, I love Michael Behien.
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The other day, I was at the doctor. She prescribed prednisone (for my lungs) then went on to list the side effects: weight gain, hunger, irritability, sleeplessness. I said, "Oh joy" thinking how great it'd be to be irritable, sleepless, and teaching this class the week before my period.

Her response? "I know. Why isn't there a drug that causes weight loss that isn't bad for you." (There are, but whatever). Then, she when on to talk about how her sister, who isn't obese, was prescribed something with either phenamine or ephedrine by her doctor to help her loose weight, and she didn't need it, etc., etc., etc.

I assume she just really wanted to tell that story, but I still find it interesting that she thought I was talking about the gaining weight as opposed to being irritable and sleepless.

Also, she's a nurse practitioner, and it kind of bugs me that they go by their first names. I mean, I'm sure if they didn't want to, they'd ask to be called "Ms. Whatever", but it's like... they've got a lot of training. They should have a title.
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I'm still sick, but I feel better. I also called the people I'm renting my nebulizer from and they're going to send someone out to replace the missing piece. That's good because even though I'm doing okay, I do need a breathing treatment. And a massage.

I think Brycee is sick. I don't think she's eaten in a few days. Her fur looks ragged and all she's doing is lying on the bed (although she just got up to look out the window). If she still seems dragging tomorrow, I'll call the vet(I don't have the energy to do it today, words which will haunt me if something is really wrong).

I'm sick of this headache and I'm depressed because I keep getting rejected by agents. I know it's par for the course and I'm trying not to let it get to me, but it's hard. I think it's my query letter; I probably should rewrite it. Or, maybe it's the book. Anyone want to read it to see?

Bad things

Mar. 28th, 2009 10:18 am
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1. Waking up with a headache.

2. Waking up with a headache and being all, "waaaahhhhh!" and Unmotivated and stuffs.

3. People's reactions to Watchmen are starting to raise my bloodpressure. I mean, it can be the headache talking, but spoilers, repetitive points )


Dec. 5th, 2008 08:07 pm
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I'm all kinds of pissy. Today, the kids drove me crazy. At one point, I literally put my hands over my ears because they wouldn't fucking stop shouting things at me and I didn't want to deal with it.

I may be PMSing. But I'm blaming everything on the impending colonoscopy.


Write me a fic. Either Michael/Alex or Michael/Sara/Alex in which Alex (who in RL is over fiftiy-but not in the show) reaches that ripe old age and must go in for a colonoscopy. And Michael's all, "It's going to be okay. I mean, I had brain surgery," and Sara's all, "It's a routine proceedure. It's not problem," and Alex is all, "This stuff takes like crap and I hate you both," and there's lots of snuggles and love and ends up with happy, sexed up Alex.

That's all I want for Christmas.

Also, I need money to buy 28 to 34 kids three ring binders. So. That, too.
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What pisses me off the most about the movie Tale of Despereaux is the fact that they released a junior novelization of the movie.

"But Sera," you might say. "Why does this piss you off? You love movie novelizations!"

Why, dear reader?

Because it's IT'S BASED ON A book!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes. It's based on a book. A Newbery Award winning book! A brilliant, wonderful, beautiful book about a mouse who faints at the slightest thing and has ears that are too big and has to carry a tissue around because of his allergies. A mouse who loves to read and, despite being afraid, becomes very brave to save someone he loves.

Someone read this book, thought, "Wow. This would make a good movie." Then they made the movie, only changed it so much that they had to write a completely different book based on the movie, I guess so kids could read this crap book instead and use the movie to help visualize it.

*screams in rage*

Also? I have to get another fucking colonoscopy on the twenty-second. So, Merry fucking Christmas and Happy Fucking Chanakauh to me.


Nov. 11th, 2008 02:00 pm
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So, my foot has been feeling better the last couple days. On Saturday, I was able to walk around all day without much pain, and then it didn't hurt too much the next. Unsure if it was my foot getting better or the anti-inflamatories, I decided that, since it's my day off, I wouldn't take them. So, I didn't take any last night before bed or this morning when I got up.

Yeah. I still need them. *sigh*

In other news, my nose has been bleeding for two or so weeks, so I'm going to the doctor today. When I'm done, straight to Borders to write and see if cute guy is there so I can oogle him.

So, yeah. That's my life. Yay.

Also, dream dictionaries are stupid. They only let you look up one aspect of your dreams. If I wanted to analyze my last dream, what do I look up? Saving people? Rape? Heroism? Secrecy? What?

This is why I need a dream analyst. If I believed in that kind of stuff.


Oct. 26th, 2008 11:45 am
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Twice in two weeks now I've had really bad insomnia. Like, not being able to sleep all night insomnia. In the past, I was the kind of person who maybe was awake for a few hours, and probably drifting in and out during that time and not realizing this. Not this time.

Both times, I think it was medication. The first time was when I was upped on my anti-depressants. This time, it was my anti-biotics. I hit one of the side effects that the doctor told me to stop taking the medicine for (achy muscles/joints). There was nothing I could do, since I'd already taken the damn pill, so I just suffered and ached. Fell into sleep around four-thirty. I still don't feel well, and I've got stuff to do. I don't think I'll be making the "No on Prop 8" visibility thing. I feel incredibly guilty, like I'm wimping out, but, logically, I know I don't need to be standing on a busy street corner for three hours while traffic is booming by in the hot sun with a sinus infection I have to stop antibiotics for the next day.

I'm just full of excuses.

The good news is I finished Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz. I got to listen to him speak about it at Comic Con. I've read one of his novels and enjoyed it, but I guess not enough to pursue him further. But the way he spoke about the novel made me really want to read it. It was like one of those magic/spiritual type experiences where it just came to him, flowing out. Odd, the character, is wonderful. Humble and honest and just so good. I highly recommend the book.

My favorite line: We are not strangers to ourselves; we only try to be

I'm not sure why that line resonates so deeply with me, but I love it. I want to pain it all over my walls.

I'm considering writing him a letter. Or going down to Newport Beach and stalking him (just kidding; I'm not good at meeting people). But, yeah. Two thumbs up.

Also, don't decide to print something out at three in the morning and you haven't turned on the lights in your writing area. I did that last night and printed over my novel. Not a big deal, just a waste of paper. *sigh*

Also, Brycee is obsessed with the computer. We fought over it last night, and when I went to bed, taking her with me, she ran back into the living room, turned it on, and laid on it. She keeps opening different programs, sits next to me, watching me type, and watches the screen. I swear to God, it's her next step in taking over the world: master the computer.

Quote help

May. 6th, 2008 06:19 pm
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"I was the sperm in the back shouting, 'No. Don't send me into that dark scary cave.'" Or something close to that. Was that from Coupling or what?

My girls, my sweet, gifted, funny, beautiful girls have apparently turned into a bunch of bitches. With a side of cyber-bullying. Maybe. I don't know.

21 more days.


In better news, my nasal surgeon says that I'm almost all healed and look great. Feel better, too, but after school ends and I can go into hibernation mode, I'll feel better. And when I get back in shape.


Jan. 23rd, 2007 06:54 pm
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Every time I step out of my door, I get overheated and exhausted. First, I was feeling good, so I walked to Baskin Robbins for ice cream. Then I had to take a nap. Now, I drove to the grocery store (which is just across the street) to get food I needed, and I'm exhausted again.

I'm wondering if I should stay home from school tomorrow. I'm probably hella anemic. Should probably take my fucking iron, huh?

I'll see how I feel when I wake up. I probalby won't use up all my sick days plus this year since the environment isn't as stressful and miserable as the last two. So using four out of ten sick days won't be bad. Right?


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