Apr. 1st, 2016

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My God, costuming just gave up during season 4, didn't they? One episode, Gretchen has red nails, the next, which takes place five minutes later, she's got nude nails. T-Bag has a pedophile mustache one minute, the next (again, five minutes later), he's got a full goatee.

I'm past the first arc of the season, where Scofield's 11 hunted down the cards for Scylla. It was pretty good. Not as good as season 1, but tightly written with good tension and character interplay. Now I'm on the second half, where you find out that Mama Scofield is alive and Lincoln starts working for the company (I can never decide if it's the company or the Company) and I just... eh. I hate everything about the decision to make Mama Scofield alive and working for the company. Everything.

No, seriously, I can't think of one thing I like.

So, my rankings for my favorite seasons go: Season 1, Season 3, Season 2, part 1 of Season 4, Season 5, part 2 of Season 4. (Well, probably not; William Fichtner is in part 2 of Season 4 and I don't think he'll be in the new season, so it automatically loses, right?) Oh! I know. I rank Breakout Kings over part 2 of season 4.

Anyway, I put season 3 above season 2 because, since it was shorter, they didn't have as much time to do weird things. Like have Alex completely forget that he ruined his life by killing Shales and deciding it was all Michael's fault. Or everything with T-Bag. Yeah, they killed Sara and did stupid things, but it was quick and really watchable and leaves a lot of room for fic. Really, it just barely beats out season 2. Like by a hair.

Any time Alex and Michael are not on screen together, this show is just boring. I wonder if Breakout Kings is on Netflix.


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