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So, the thing is, everyone is not wrong about Michael, even if we don't like them (ie Jacob). Michael is a liar. He is manipulative. He does use people. Now, we know he's not in it for the thrill (as Sara suggested back in Season 2) or to win (as Jacob suggested last episode) or because he's an asshole. He has reasons and good reasons. But he's manipulative and a liar and he's good at it. I wish when I wrote my fic, I'd been able to convey that better, but whatever.

Anyway. This is what seems to have happened:
1. Michael almost kills himself rescuing Sara back in the Final Break. Someone named Poseidon (who would have been Company if they were still doing that, but probably isn't) saved him.
2. Poseidon threatened Sara unless Michael worked for him. It appears Poseidon wanted Michael to "do what he was designed for" (or whatever the General said waaaaay back in season 2 before they dropped that) and break people out of prison.
3. Michael recruits Whip. They break out of prisons together.
4. Michael and Whip go to Ogygia to break Ramal (I think) out, but Michael gets thrown into solitary (for four years?). Poseidon abandons them. So, Michael has to figure out how to get out himself and recruits a team. As usual, the team consists of people that have something he needs (Sid and his father, Ja (?) and his cell phone and probably money), but are also somehow decent people who don't deserve to be where they are (at least... Sid. I don't know about Ja).

Things I'm not sure of:
He contacts T-bag (T-Borg) for some reason and arranges for him to get a new hand. Why? Unclear beyond "because the writers wanted T-Bag." (seriously, they couldn't see any future story for Alex, but right now, he could have been just as if not more helpful AND he already has loyalty to Michael AND he isn't a psychopathic rapist).
Jacob has parents. Can he still be a bad guy? Are they really his parents? He he Poseidon? (Probably just a minion).
Who chooses A&W as their field name? That's the blonde lady's name. I'll call her Root Beer from now on.
How does Kellerman tie in to this? Is he Poseidon? Or an underling?

Other observations:
LINCOLN SMASH! Also, Lincoln has an unlimited well money, apparently. Where did it come from? Did he sell LJ?

Michael is pretty when he cries. His message to Sara was so sad.

I hate having to wait a week for another episode. It's torture.
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