Season 4

Mar. 21st, 2016 06:36 pm
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1. Just about ever Michael/Alex picture I have on my computer (save the ones from Sona) are from this season. Three episodes in and they spend a good deal of their time together inches apart.

Mahone Hat Count:

Scylla: black chauffeur hat, ugly bucket had
Breaking and Entering: black bucket hat

I'm just keeping count because I know he wears at least two other hats and maybe I've forgotten more.

I'm not as enthusiastic about this season. Like, on rewatching Season 3, I still really enjoyed it for all it's stupidity. I didn't even mind Gretchen as much as the first time. But, as much as I know there's good Michael/Alex stuff in season 4 (and Michael/Sara/Alex), I remember all the stupid stuff (Michael's mother is alive! Lincoln was adopted! Brain cancer! Self turns bad or something! FuckingAssassin [whose name escapes me]) and I'm just like... eh.

Still holding my breath about Fichtner and the next season of PB. I'm thinking I may be holding it forever.
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