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I'm not done with season 2 yet (just finished 2x18: Wash), but I have

Mostly, they have to do with T-Bag. Like, I've said before T-Bag is a good character. He was an excellent antagonist for Michael season 1, he's charismatic, you never know what he's going to do (except you know he's going to kill someone) and he's smart as hell.

But, after "Buried" (2x7), he's completely irrelevant to the plot. He takes the money, takes off, and everyone else just forgets that he exists. Michael continues on with his plan without the money, Sucre goes off to Mexico and Maricruz, and the FBI completely doesn't care about him or the trail of bodies he leaves. And that's so frustrating because, yeah, I get that Mahone is being pressured to go after Michael, but no one else mentions him. C-Note is seen at a clinic, they're all over it. Haywire kills someone, the Company wants him dead yesterday. T-Bag kills a veterinarian, a guy traveling with his daughter, a postal employee, and a psychologist and... crickets. Not even Wheeler, the voice of reason, mentions him.

Plus, I don't care about T-Bag and his wounded heart. I'm watching this show for the breakout and escape. The season was at its best when it was all about Michael and Lincoln running to Panama; the minute Aldo came into the picture and lured them into the broader conspiracy, it lost a lot of focus and became less compelling (imo). But it still had a through story: the Company and Lincoln's innocence.

But then there's T-Bag's stuff. His stuff with holding the Hollander's captive to be a happy little family and his background drama is just so superfluous to the story. The episodes grind to a halt when it flips back to him, and I just can only think that the PTB were so enthralled with him that they felt they had to give him something to do. Because, yeah, keeping him around seems to have worked in their favor in future seasons. I think (it's been a long time since I've seen season 3 and 4). But in the meantime, Bellick is more important to the actual story and I HATE BELLICK (seriously, he deliberately set Tweener up to be serially raped and Bellick got to die a hero? Fuck that.)
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