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I like how so much of this episode is just shots of Michael and Alex staring at each other. Actually, any episode they're in, it seems like that's mostly what they do.

Also. Michael has a bruise on his cheek that looks like a kiss. I like him bruised.

I hate how this episode really began T-Bag's superpowers. I mean, he exhibited them a little bit before (can't dig, but sure can covertly stick 5 million dollars into a backpack with one hand), but in this episode he took down a one handed veteran, stole his hand, and killed a woman. I mean, I know he's a tough bastard and that's his thing, but ripping off his own hand only seemed to make him stronger and that's ridiculous.\
As much as I enjoy the character, I wish either he'd died or he hadn't gotten his hand cut off. Actually, I just wish he hadn't gotten his hand cut off; keep the character.

I wonder why the writers decided on midazolam as Alex's drug of choice.

And then fucking Kellerman fucking shoots Alex. Fuck that.
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