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A) I still don't believe the damage Michael did under the infirmary would be repaired in less than a day. That's at least a day's worth of paperwork in a bureaucracy, even if a prison is run better than a school.

B)I hate how season 4 changed so much about Michael and Lincoln's history. Because, even though she didn't really die, I refuse to believe the woman we were given as Michael's mother wouldn't have life insurance.

Also, I've spent all these years thinking that Michael unscrewed the toilet in the cell, when it looks like it was actually a sink. ETA: I think the sink and the toilet were one unit, because in "1x18 Bluff" when Geary is trying to auction off the cell, someone complains that the toilet is leaking.

/this has been random things that break my suspension of disbelief on a show about a man tattooing blueprints on his body


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